Postseason awards for NCHS hoops

LUSK – Late Monday night the Class 2A coaches released their selections for the All-Conference and All-State teams now the champions have been crowned.

Senior Taylor Gaukel was voted to the 2A Southeast All-Conference team for the third time, while classmates Ashley Christianson, Kianna Blackburn and Mackenzie Lyons joined her for the first time. Gaukel was also named to the 2A All-State team, joining Miranda Gilkey from last year’s squad for two in a row for the Lady Tigers.

Tiger sophomore Ryan Bruegger was the only one selected to the boys’ Southeast All-Conference team that was dominated by Pine Bluffs and Glenrock players.


2A All-State

Alisyn Hutton (Big Horn), Tatem Edeler (Greybull), Kendall Wright (Greybull), Taylor Gaukel (Lusk), Torri Long (Pine Bluffs), Kammie Ragsdale (Pine Bluffs), Teagan Townsend (Rocky Mountain), Cheyenne Thompson (Shoshoni), Hailey Anderson (Southeast), Ellie Schmitt (Southeast), Savannah Arneach (Wind River), Kindall Seamands (Wright), Alex Trosper (Wyoming Indian) and Siona Astorga (Wyoming Indian)

2A Southeast All-Conference:

Yesi Hermosillo (Glenrock), Kianna Blackburn (Lusk), Ashley Christianson (Lusk), Taylor Gaukel (Lusk), Mackenzie Lyons (Lusk), Hyleigh Fornstrom (Pine Bluffs), Torri Long (Pine Bluffs), Kammie Ragsdale (Pine Bluffs), Hailey Anderson (Southeast), Morgan Ekwall (Southeast), Kaci Schmick (Southeast) and Ellie Schmitt (Southeast)

2A Southeast Player of the Year: Kammie Ragsdale - Pine Bluffs


2A Southeast All-Conference:

Tucker Bopp (Glenrock), Jaren Fritz (Glenrock), Kale Kuhlman (Glenrock), Ryan Bruegger (Lusk), Andrew Fornstrom (Pine Bluffs), Tucker Norman (Pine Bluffs), Michael Shain (Pine Bluffs), Hayden Anderson (Southeast), Bodie Herring (Southeast) and Cade Herring (Southeast)

2A Southeast Player of the Year: Michael Shain (Pine Bluffs)

2A Southeast Coach of the Year: Tyler Kimzey (Pine Bluffs)


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