Public Notice 5774

The Town of Lusk will hold their third and final reading of the 2022-2023 fiscal budget. The public is welcome to comment during the regular Council meeting on Tuesday June 7st, 2022 at 5:00 p.m.
Total GENERAL GOVERNMENT REVENUE:  2,219,391.00                
Total AIRPORT REVENUE:               246,100.00                
Total AMBULANCE REVENUE:                 85,000.00                
Total FIRE DEPT. REVENUE:                 17,000.00            
Total GOLF COURSE REVENUE:                 55,400.00            
Total CEMETERY REVENUE:                   8,515.00                                                  Total SWIMMING POOL REVENUE:               9,000.00                                      Total MISCELLANEOUS REVENUE:                6,497,146.00
Total POLICE DEPT REVENUE:               126,500.00                                      GENERAL FUND Revenue Total:                    9,264,052.00                    
ELECTRIC FUND Revenue Total:                2,046,400.00                        
WATER FUND Revenue Total:           8,361,206.00                                     SEWER FUND Revenue Total:           7,134,126.00
SANITATION FUND Revenue Total:          350,000.00                            
PERPETUAL CARE FUND Revenue Total:               300.00
Total GENERAL GOVERNMENT EXPENDITURES:   714,292.00                                  Total RECYCLING:                  38,765.00
Total ANIMAL CONTROL:              25,600.00
Total POLICE DEPARTMENT:            752,250.00
Total FIRE DEPARTMENT:              81,900.00
Total COMMUNICATIONS CONTRACT:          75,618.00
Total EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT:            8,954.00
Total STREETS:                                     7,015,416.00
Total AIRPORT:                    224,600.00                
Total SHOP:                    146,550.00
Total AMBULANCE:                  94,800.00
Total CEMETERY:                                                        140,200.00    
Total RECREATION:                  41,605.00
Total PARKS:                      64,400.00
Total GOLF COURSE & CLUB HOUSE MAINT:        195,550.00                    
Total SWIMMING POOL:                        71,500.00
GENERAL FUND Expenditures Total:                   9,692,000.00
ELECTRIC FUND Expenditures Total:               1,770,300.00    
WATER FUND Expenditure Total:               8,277,782.00                                  SEWER FUND Expenditure Total:                         7,074,926.00
SANITATION FUND Expenditure Total:                  341,076.00
TOTAL EXPENDITURES ALL DEPARTMENTS      27,156,084.00                    
With the continuation of the infrastructure project in the coming fiscal year, water, sewer, and streets will see a significant increase in budgetary revenue and expenditures. The revenue for the streets is in the miscellaneous revenue of general government. The revenue for the infrastructure project comes from loans and grants from the Office of State Lands and Investments and USDA RUS.  The 1% Specific Purpose Tax revenue is put in a separate account that will be held to repay the loans, along with user fees.
If you would like to see a breakdown of each department, you can view it on the Town website, or visit Town Hall and request a copy.    
Public Notice No. 5774. Published in The Lusk Herald on June 1, 2022.