Public Notice No. 5534

NOVEMBER 3, 2020 5:00 P.M.
The Town Council of the Town of Lusk met in regular session at 5:00 p.m. in the Council Chambers of Town Hall on Tuesday November 3, 2020.
Council Members Present:     Mayor Doug Lytle, Council Members Becky Blackburn, Calvin Carstensen, Tom Dooper, and Dean Nelson             
Also Present:            Linda Frye, Clerk/Treasurer
                Kimberly Harris, Utility Billing Clerk
                Sean Duffy, Golf Course Superintendent
                Chief of Police Bo Krein                 
MAYOR LYTLE called the meeting to order at 5:00 p.m.
Council Member Nelson lead the Pledge of Allegiance.    
VOUCHERS FOR PAYMENT                                
AFLAC                    Payroll Deduction            $738.50
Allbright’s True Value            Supplies/Repairs/Misc.        $236.59
ALSCO/American Linen            Mat Rental                $157.27
American Road Maint.            Airport Improvement            $3,953.82
APT US & C                    Dues & Fees                $359.00
Aric Eaton                    Referee Pay                $40.00
Clay Ashurst                    Equipment Return            $50.00
Miles Ashurst                    Referee Pay                $40.00
AVI PC Engineering                Engineering Fees            $9,762.06
Axon                        PD Dues                $1,551.00
BankCard Center                Water Equipment/Repairs        $682.43
BankCard Center 0344            Rec. Equipment/Supplies/Postage    $878.28
BankCard Center 1633             PD Uniforms/Misc.            $463.08
BankCard Center 1952            Water Samples/Misc.            $337.85
BankCard Center 1960            Shop Supplies                $42.83
Black Hills Energy                Gas Service                $229.85
Bloomers, LLC                Service Misc.                $25.00
Body Builders Body                 PD Vehicle Repairs            $35,936.25
Boldon Diesel Services            Electric Equipment Repair        $272.49
Boldon Welding & Repair            Electric Dept. Repairs            $325.00
Bush-Wells                    Rec. Dept. Uniforms            $509.30
Business Solutions Group            Office Supplies/Forms        $117.04
C&H Tire Repair                Equipment Repair            $758.52
Caselle Inc.                    Office Support & Maintenance    $1,100.00
CenturyLink                    Phones/Internet            $1,277.12
Century Link Business            Long Distance Phone            $24.10
City of Casper                    Tire Disposal                $1,588.95
Decker’s Food Center                Supplies                $19.08
Delta Dental Plan                Employee Paid Insurance        $822.95
Doyle J. Davies                Municipal Judge/Supplies        $1,000.00
Emergency Medical Products Inc        Ambulance Supplies            $142.25
Emmons, Mikayla                Equipment Return            $50.00
First American Title                Closing Fee                $333.00
Austin Francis                    Utility Deposit Refund        $27.41
Franks Parts Company            Equip. Repair/Parts/Supplies/Misc.    $2,332.38
Golf & Sport Solutions            Golf Course Supplies            $1,513.20
Jacob Gordon                    K-9 New Equipment            $39.99
Great American Financial Svcs.        Copier Lease                $311.00
Great West Trust Co                 WRS 457 Plan Deferred        $200.00
Hawkins, Inc.                    Chemicals                $1,739.45
Herren Bros. True Value            Animal Control Building/Supplies    $175.58
Jenny Hester                    Equipment Return            $50.00
Heather Heth                    Equipment Return            $50.00
TJ & Erin Hodge                Equipment Return            $50.00
Honey Badger Towing            PD Services                $85.00
Jason & Andie Hubbard            Equipment Return            $50.00
Ideal Linen/Bluffs                Shop Supplies                $113.98
International Institute of Municipal Clerks    Dues & Fees                $220.00
Jergenson, Doug                Monthly Wage Animal Control    $1,400.00
Jirdon Agri Chemicals            Cemetery & Parks Supplies        $11,410.00
John Deere Financial                Golf Course New Equipment        $619.37
Kaiser Wealth Management            Consulting Services            $9,000.00
Larree Ann Kraft                Equipment Return            $50.00
Bo Krein                    Reimbursement for Supplies        $34.96
Dayne Lamp                    Referee Pay                $40.00
Lusk Lodging Tax Board            Tax Distribution            $5,656.24
Doug Lytle                    Equipment Return            $50.00
M.C. Schaff & Associates, Inc.        Airport Improvement            $6,352.02
Matheson Tri-Gas Inc.            Ambulance Supplies            $198.56
Meier Building                Rent                    $800.00
Meier Law Office                Monthly Retainer            $3,000.00
Midland Implement                Golf Course Equipment Repair    $630.99
Mountain Diversified Services        Park Repairs                $225.00
Niobrara Chamber of Commerce        Promotion                $187.50
Niobrara County Library            Internet Service            $250.00
Niobrara County Treasurer         Communications Contract/Property Taxes    $12,976.57
Nio. Electric Assoc.                Landfill Utilities            $41.77
One-Call                    Ticket Payment            $35.25
Luther Penfield                Medical Bill Refund            $460.00
Ranchers Feed & Supply            Supplies                $28.60
Rawhide Drug Co.                Office Supplies            $8.54
Daryl Schoenwald                Equipment Return            $100.00
Erin Sidwell                    Equipment Return            $50.00
Tyler Stream                    Equipment Return            $50.00
TDS Trash Collection                Tipping Fees                $7,541.66
Terex Utilities                    Electric Equipment Repair        $5,333.60
Torrington Office Supply            Supplies                $128.90
Uline                        Recycling Supplies            $511.11
Underground Enterprises            Transfer Station Hauling Fee        $1,875.00
USA Blue Book                Water Dept. Equipment        $1,461.36
Verizon Wireless            PD, Ambulance & Mayor Cell Phone        $433.78
Visionary Communications        Fire Dept. Internet/Ambulance Internet    $195.79
W.M.P.A.                    Electrical Power Purchase        $104,618.90
WAM/WCCA                    Lease Payment            $1,611.55
WESCO                    Fuel                     $14.86
WAMCAT                    Dues                    $130.00
WESTCO                    Fuel                    $207.25
Western Medical Management        Medical Billing Dues & Fees        $1,409.58
Whitaker Oil, Inc.                Fuel & Oil                $3,254.34
Wyoming Dept. of Revenue            WY Sales Tax                $4,003.93
WY Dept. of Transportation            PD Supplies                $118.10
WY Dept. of Workforce Services        Worker’s Compensation        $852.79
WY Office State Lands & Investments    Loan Payment, DW219 52/
MWL 15001            $12,265.28
WY Public Health Lab.            Water Sample                $48.00
Wyoming Retirement                Government Contribution        $15,457.84
WY Secretary of State            Fees                    $60.00
WY Water Dev.                 Annual Water Payment        $8,718.14
Jessica Yeager                    Equipment Return            $50.00
Total Vouchers $294,738.73        
MANUAL CHECKS     October 2020    
BankCard                    Dues & Fees                $48.98
W.E.B.T.                    Employee Life Insurance        $71.00
Royce Thompson                Per Diem                $19.00
Pete Kruse                    Per Diem                $19.00
WY Child Support                Garnishment, Writ of Assignment    $184.61
Aric Eaton                    Referee Payment            $40.00
Jasper Cladera                    Referee Payment             $40.00
Walker Kupke                    Referee Payment            $40.00
Postmaster                    Utility Billing                $239.12
WY Child Support                Garnishment, Writ of Assignment    $184.61
Total    $886.32
COUNCIL MEMBER CARSTENSEN MOVED, COUNCIL MEMBER BLACKBURN SECOND, to approve the Treasurer’s report that includes the financial condition and manual checks. MOTION CARRIED. The Treasurer’s report will be filed for audit.
COUNCIL MEMBER CARSTENSEN MOVED, COUNCIL MEMBER DOOPER SECOND, to approve the minutes of the Regular Council Meeting held October 6, 2020. MOTION CARRIED.

Department Updates:
Sean Duffy stated that the Golf Course is being winterized.
Linda informed the Council that the application for RD Apply is ready to be submitted. She also informed the Council on money received from the sale of properties, transfer of funds, and update on the audit. Desirae Matthews has started in the office part-time. Kimberly Harris has moved to Deputy Clerk and is working out well.
Chief Krein gave information on the incidents for October, which are slightly up from last year. October 28th the Department of Justice announced the standards for certification on safe policing and safe communities which was an executive order by President Trump. They are required to have their certification by January 31st, 2021. Chief Krein will be in contact with POST to make sure we meet that certification. He also gave updates on the K-9 unit and their work in the community. SRO Stream is working on a program in the schools called Navigate 360 which is a program that will involve all first responders, and location of fire hydrants, fire extinguishers, cameras, and other safety procedures. Other programs are “In-depth Program” with the American Lung Association and “Time for Life” which is an alcohol/dependency addiction program that Officer Stream is being certified in this month. Chief Krein gave hand-outs on the programs to the Council.
Mayor Lytle stated that there is no old business or new business.
The next regular Council meeting will be Tuesday December 1, 2020 at 5:00 p.m.
There being no further business to come before the Council, the meeting was adjourned
at 5:11 p.m.
Douglas E. Lytle, Mayor
Linda M. Frye, Clerk/Treasurer
Public Notice No. 5534. Published in The Lusk Herald on November 11, 2020.