Public Notice No. 5671

The  County Commissioners’ meeting was called to order on September 7, 2021, at 9:00 a.m. with Chairman Patrick H. Wade, Vice-Chairman John Midkiff, Commissioner Elaine Griffith, and County Clerk Becky L. Freeman present. 

Chairman Wade led in the Pledge of Allegiance.

Road and Bridge- Foreman Fred Thomas met with the Commissioners and updated them on road and bridge business.   

He said that spot gravelling on Tollman Road is complete and they are working on bad spots on S Bar and Indian Creek Roads. 

Bill Proctor contacted Mr. Thomas and asked if a new approach could be built on property he recently acquired. Mr. Thomas told the Commissioners that there is an existing approach, but it is about a 10th of a mile west of where Mr. Proctor would like the new one built. The Commissioners thought it best to work out a compromise with Mr. Proctor. If Mr. Proctor built the approach, road and bridge could install a pipe and gravel the approach.

Chairman Wade asked if Mr. Thomas had heard from Centennial Woods, the company that installs snow fences. Mr. Thomas said he had not heard anything. 

Mr. Thomas said he is working on closing some pits, but has not made any headway yet. He would like to meet with DEQ in person to work on this.  

Fairgrounds Auditorium Roof Repairs- Contractor Neil Holmes and Fair Board members Ron Nelson, Corky Fosher, and Tandy Dockery met with the Commissioners to discuss a course of action to take to make repairs to the roof, gutters and Dryvit (synthetic stucco) at the auditorium.   

Elected Officials and Department Heads- Sheriff Cary Gill informed the group he had postponed the A.L.I.C.E. (Alert, Lockdown, Inform, Counter, and Evacuate) training. 

Treasurer Keri Thompson said that her office had mailed out tax notices. She also discussed tax notices for mineral companies.     

Assessor Teri Stephens said she is training a new employee in her office. Her office has been working on field reviews and new construction reports. They will also be out reviewing oil well equipment as well as attending a training next week.  

Clerk of Court Chrisanna Lund noted her monthly receipts had increased from last month and it was business as usual in her office.  

Emergency Management Coordinator James Santistevan discussed recent storms and COVID-19 cases in Niobrara County.   

Public Health Regional Nurse Supervisor Dr. Melanie Pearce phoned in to the meeting and discussed the COVID-19 cases and vaccination efforts.  She wants to hire some additional people to help with testing. She will pay these costs through the COVID-19 Surveillance Grant.   

Extension Coordinator Denise E. Smith said she, Kellie, and Erin survived County and State Fair. They are busy judging record books. She said they would be starting Facebook Live today and 4-H Fridays on September 17.   

Commissioner Griffith discussed reviewing and updating the Policy Management Manual.  

She also discussed holding an open house for the 100th year anniversary of the courthouse. She said that it should have been held in 2020, but due to COVID-19, that did not happen. She thought it would be a good idea to hold the open house after installing the historical sign.  

The Commissioners reported on a National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) training they attended in Cheyenne.  

County Attorney- County Attorney Anne Wasserburger met with the Commissioners and discussed county business.  Also in attendance was Chris Walsh, Executive Director of the Wyoming Peace Officers Standards and Training (POST).

Executive Session- Vice-Chairman Midkiff moved to enter into executive session with Attorney Wasserburger and Director Walsh at 11:03 AM to discuss personnel issues per Wyoming State Statute §16-4-405(a)(ii). Commissioner Griffith seconded and the motion carried. Vice-Chairman Midkiff moved to leave executive session at 11:55 AM. Commissioner Griffith seconded and the motion carried. There was no action taken.

Mrs. Wasserburger informed the Commissioners that she has not received any updates on the railroad plowing firebreaks. She asked the Commissioners if anyone from the railroad had reached out to them and they said no, but Shawn Leimser, Fire Chief for the Lusk Volunteer Fire Department had contacted them with concerns.   

Ratify 24- Hour Catering Permit- Commissioner Griffith moved to ratify the approval of a 24-Hour catering permit for Spirits to sell alcohol at John Graham’s Coyote Days held August 21, 2021. Vice-Chairman Midkiff seconded and the motion carried. 

COVID Sick Leave- The CARES ACT sick leave plan for COVID-19 ended in December of 2020. The Commissioners said that at this time any COVID related absences, whether employee or family, must be covered using the employee’s regular sick or vacation leave.

24-Hour Malt Beverage Permit- Vice-Chairman Midkiff moved to approve a 24-Hour malt beverage permit for Kit Nelson to give away malt beverages at the Nelson/Bartshi wedding reception on October 2, 2021 at the Niobrara County Fairgrounds. Commissioner Griffith seconded and the motion carried.

Consent Agenda- Vice-Chairman Midkiff moved to approve the consent agenda. Commissioner Griffith seconded and the motion carried. Items on the consent agenda were the minutes of the August 17, 2021 meeting and receipts for August from the County Clerk for $4311.16, from the Clerk of District Court for $1391.48 and from Public Health for $313.94. Also on the agenda was a Petition of Affidavit for Rebate of Taxes for Breitburn Operating L.P. from the 2018 Tax Rolls for $515.84.

The Commissioners approved payroll and the following vouchers for payment:

Bills are listed in the following format: Vendor – Department – Description – Amount:

Aflac- Various- Supplemental insurance- $6889.26, Allbright’s True Value- Various- supplies, bldg. maintenance- $25.04, Alsco- Road & Bridge- Shop towels & coveralls- $328.52, BAM Document Destruction & Recycling, LLC.- Justice Center- Document shredding- $129.90, Becky Blackburn- County Attorney- Supplies- $31.19, Becky L. Freeman- County Clerk- Travel expense- $272.65, BenchMark of Torrington- County Road Fund- Engineering fees- $3797.18, Black Hills Chemical & Janitorial- Various- Cleaning & maintenance supplies- $132.80 , Black Hills Energy- Various- Utilities- $257.66 , Blue Cross Blue Shield of WY- Co admin- Health insurance- $20017.00, Blue Line Custom Vinyls- Sheriff- Radio repairs & expense- $200.00, Blue360 Media, LLC.- Sheriff- Supplies- $465.75, Boldon Welding & Repair, LLC.- Road & Bridge- Equipment repairs- $583.05, Canon Financial Services, Inc.,- Various- Copier service agreements- $330.66, Century Link- Various- Telephones- $1415.45 , Century Link Business Services- Various- Telephone- $82.20, C N A Surety- General county- Treasurer’s bond- $200.00, Connecting Point Computer Centers- Various- Copier service agreements- $600.00 , Cool Customs Body & Paint, LLC.- Assessor- Vehicle repairs- $1307.04, Cory Wilcox- Coroner- Deputy coroner stipend- $120.00, Decker’s Market- Sheriff’s Dept. Supplies, inmate meds- $44.40, Dell Marketing L.P.- Detention- New equipment- $1631.00, Delta Dental of WY- Various- Insurance- $1175.80, Denise E. Smith- Extension- Travel expense- $461.96, Dennis C. Meier- Circuit Court Magistrate- Rent- $1000.00, Dooley Oil, Inc.- Road & Bridge- Oil- $1484.94, Double A Properties, LLC.- County Attorney- Rent- $1000.00, Election Systems & Software, Inc.- Elections- Annual maintenance agreement- $7902.50, Emblem Enterprises, Inc.- Sheriff- Uniforms- $361.00,  Frank Parts Co.- Road & Bridge- Parts- $237.21 , Fusion Cloud Services, LLC.- Various- Telephone- $856.55, Geographic Innovations- Various- Professional mapping- $1300.00, Great-West Trust Co., LLC.- Various- Deferred compensation contribution- $17895.00, GreatAmerica Financial Services- Sheriff- monthly copier service agreement- $103.00, Hiway Brake & Alignment- Sheriff- Vehicle repairs- $65.92, Hometown Country- Detention- Uniforms- $60.00, Inland Truck Parts & Service- Road & Bridge- Parts- $255.98, Jameson Cleaning & Maintenance- Fairgrounds- FG cleaning contract & courthouse maintenance- $6800.00, Johnson Controls- Justice Center- Maintenance- $1161.40, Joseph Bleming- Detention- Uniforms- $440.00, Katie Krein- Prevention Grant- Operational supports, telephone & prevention svc implementation- $176.66, Kellie Chichester- Extension- 4-H educator travel expense- $42.14, Ken Brown- District Court- Court appointed attorney- $60.00, Komatsu Equipment- Road & Bridge- Parts- $188.48, Long Building Technologies, Inc.- Justice Center- Maintenance- $438.95,  Lori Himes- Assessor- Mileage- $36.48, Lusk Herald- Various- Publications, subscription- $2143.79, Lusk State Bank- Co admin- Payroll taxes- $33186.12, MasterCard- Various- Supplies, travel, postage, prevention grant, transports, telephone- $3,068.07, NCIC Inmate Communications- Detention- Inmate calling cards- $120.00, New Jersey Family Support Payment Center- Payroll- Child support- $819.00, Niobrara County Circuit Court- Payroll- Garnishment- $231.25, Niobrara County Hospital District- 1% Option Tax, inmate medical- $13332.80, Niobrara County Library- Co admin- Deferred compensation- $1725.00, Niobrara County Public Health- Prevention Grant- Grant admin- $291.12, Niobrara Electric Association- Various- Radio tower electricity- $54.60, Office Depot- County clerk- Supplies- $83.10,  Peterbilt of Wyoming- Road & Bridge- Parts- $219.66, Porter, Muirhead, Cornia, & Howard- General County- Audit services- $10000.00, Rawhide Drug Company- Detention Center- Inmate medical- $48.16, Regional West Medical Center- Coroner- Autopsy- $538.30, Schindler Elevator Corp.- Facilities- Quarterly elevator mtnc agreement- $1329.69, Sun Ridge Systems- Dispatch- Computer Aided Dispatch annual support services- $6695.00,  Swanson Services Corp.- Detention Center- Inmate Commissary - $88.13, Team Laboratory Chemical, LLC. – Facilities- Fairgrounds supplies- $195.48, The Master’s Touch, LLC.- Treasurer- Mailing service- $1080.21, Thomson Reuters-West- County Attorney- Law library- $159.14, Timberline Services, Inc.- County Road Fund- Final pay request- $16752.98, Torrington Office Supply- Various- Supplies- $74.27, Town of Lusk- Various- Utilities- $2879.78, Traci Bruegger- Facilities- Cleaning contract- $4500.00, Tyler Technologies- Treasurer- Computer expense- $165.38, UW Cooperative Extension Service- Extension- Travel expense- $75.00, Valley Motor Supply- Road & Bridge- Parts- $222.97, Verizon Wireless- Various- Cell phones, computer expense & base fee- $240.43, Vision Service Plan- Various- Insurance- $477.28, Visionary Broadband- Co admin- I T Expense- $438.07, WEBT- Co admin- Life insurance- $216.00, Westco- Road & Bridge- Dyed diesel- $6133.11, Whitaker Oil- Various- Fuel- $3822.88, Wyoming Enterprise Technology Services- Various- Computer expense- $21.29, Wyoming Law Enforcement Academy- Dispatch- Schools- $500.00, Wyoming Network, Inc.- I T expense- $200.00, Xerox Corp.- Co admin- Copier service agreement- $131.87

There being no further business, the meeting adjourned.



Becky L. Freeman, County Clerk 

Public Notice No. 5671. Published in The Lusk Herald on September 22, 2021.