Public Notice No. 5706


The Town of Lusk Council will hold a work session on amending Ordinance No. 8-15-150 in the Town Council Chambers at the Town Office on Friday January 14th, 2022 at 1:00 p.m.

The purpose of the work session is to receive comment and revise the first reading of this ordinance for the second reading. The ordinance reads as follows:

Ordinance No. 8-15-150, An Ordinance Amending Existing Ordinance No. 8-15-150 at Paragraph (F) to Allow Food Services for Minors in Retail Liquor Establishments by Permit.

Be It Ordained by the Governing Body of the Town of Lusk, Wyoming:

Section One: That Ordinance 8-15-150 of the “Municipal Code of Lusk,” 2004 as amended, is again amended to revise paragraph (f) of said ordinance as follows:

(f) Establishments holding a Retail Liquor License in the Town of Lusk may provide food services to minors upon receiving a permit to do so from the Governing Body of the Town of Lusk. For purposes of this Ordinance “minors” are defined as persons under the age of 21 years. Said permit shall be granted on an annual basis separate and apart from the liquor license renewal process and shall only be granted on the following terms and conditions:

(1) The establishment must have a separate kitchen capable of preparing food on premises for immediate consumption by the public. The food services must be open to the public at least five (5) days per week. Food Services for purposes of this Ordinance shall mean kitchens with grills, deep friers, stoves and/or ovens and shall not mean frozen meals heated in a microwave.

(2) The establishment must have a current Food License from the Wyoming Department of Agriculture and a current Health Inspection Report from the Consumer Health Service Division of the Wyoming Department of Agriculture showing compliance with all requirements of the inspection. Both shall be demonstrated to the Town Office before the permit shall issue.

(3) The establishment must provide specific designated areas within the building where minors may be served food. No minor shall be allowed to be within ten (10’) feet of the area where alcoholic beverages are prepared and/or served. An alternate entrance into the establishment must be provided for minors which is at least ten (10’) feet from the serving bar.

(4) All persons under the age of 18 years must be accompanied by and seated with (i.e., at the same table) an adult over the age of 21 years. Minors aged 18 years through 20 years of age may be allowed in the eating areas designated for minors for meals without an accompanying adult, however no person under the age of 21 years shall be allowed to consume alcohol.

(5) All persons who are authorized to serve alcohol in the establishment applying for a permit to provide food services to minors shall receive and complete TIPS (Training for Intervention ProcedureS) and shall demonstrate the certificate of completion to the Town Office.

(6) All sales of food to minors must cease at 8:00 p.m. and all persons under the age of 21 years be removed from the premises by 9:00 p.m.

(7) The permit issued by the Town pursuant to this Ordinance shall apply to Retail Liquor License holders only. A permit must be issued annually and can be refused for renewal by the Town without cause. A permit can be revoked immediately should a permitted establishment have convictions for violation of State Statutes or Town Ordinance.

(8) Applicants shall pay a permit fee of $100.00 upon the permit being issued.

Interested citizens are urged to attend.

Linda M. Frye

Town of Lusk

Public Notice No. 5706. Published in The Lusk Herald on January 12, 2022.