Public Notice No. 5779


ORDINANCE NO. 11-5-120
An Ordinance Amending Existing Ordinance No. 11-2-120 to Clarify Container Type, Placement and Usage for Garbage and Refuse.
It Ordained by the Governing Body of the Town of Lusk, Wyoming:
Section One: That Ordinance 11-15-120 of the “Municipal Code of Lusk,” 2004 as amended, is again amended to clarify which type of containers are allowed as garbage containers and to set out those instances where dumpsters are required and/or allowed and who may use the same. Upon final passage the following shall be inserted in the Lusk Municipal Code in place of the existing 11-5-120.
11-5-120. Containers; Design; Placement and Usage; Violation.
    •    Residential. All containers used for garbage of refuse in residential areas shall be galvanized iron, rubber, plastic, or other material cans sold as garbage containers. Containers shall not exceed 30-gallon capacity, shall not weigh more that 25 pounds, and shall have tight fittings lids which shall not be attached to the container. All garbage placed in qualified containers that are larger or heavier or that have attached lids shall be bagged in order to allow easy removal of garbage without necessity of lifting the container.
    •    Commercial or Residential Dumpsters. The Lusk Public Works Director is hereby authorized, empowered and directed to designate how many and where dumpster type containers shall be required and/or authorized for the containment of garbage and refuse rather than can type containers. The location and placement of dumpsters shall be in the sole discretion of the Lusk Public Works Director. All Dumpsters shall be purchased from the Town of Lusk. Dumpsters shall be identified by a number stamped on the dumpster and a record of the business, individual or joint users owning each dumpster shall be kept at the Town office. Dumpsters shall remain where placed and shall not be removed or transferred to another location without express authority of the Lusk Public Works Director. Sale of Dumpsters to third persons shall only be made with consent of the Public Works Director.
    •    Use Restricted to Owners. No person, firm, company, of corporation shall deposit garbage or refuse in any can or dumpster unless that person or entity has an account with the Town of Lusk, which includes a charge for garbage pick-up and is current. No person, firm, company, or corporation shall deposit garbage or refuse in a can or dumpster which is not owned by them.
    •    Requirement that All Garbage and Refuse be Contained. In the event garbage or refuse is not satisfactorily contained in a dumpster to the extent refuse blows away, the Public Works Director shall have authority to require that those dumpster lids be latched at all times.
    •    Any person, firm, company, or corporation violating any part of this ordinance shall, upon conviction, be guilty of a misdemeanor punishable by a fine and costs as provided in Ordinance 2-35-100 Lusk Municipal Ordinances.
The Third and Final reading of this Ordinance will be at the July 5, 2022 Council Meeting.
Public Notice No. 5779. Published in The Lusk Herald on June 22, 2022.