Rancher’s Feed and Supply rewards customer loyalty

LUSK - Rancher’s Feed and Supply in Lusk, WY was one of the highest retailers in total sales of Merck Vaccine for 2018. To reward their efforts Merck provided them with a temperature controlled, double-walled, insulated vaccine cooler. Rancher’s decided to pass the good fortune on and every purchase made at the feed store in Lusk in the month of April the customer put their contact number on the receipt and it went into the cooler. On May 1 a name was drawn out of the cooler and the customer was Mooster Meadows, Vicki and Chris Jones.

Vicki and Chris own Mooster Meadows Irish Dexter Cattle located in Harris Ranch Road just North of Jay Em. They run between 60 and 100 head of cattle depending on the time of year. Raising registered Irish Dexter cattle was not an aspiration they had for their 200 acres but once they acquired a few of the animals they “just fell in love with the breed.” As their herd has grown they have maintained the genetic integrity of their stock using genetic testing (genotyping) and being deliberate about selection for the dual purpose milk and meat traits that Dexters are known for. They began showing their Dexters in 2011 and attended the Denver Stock Show in 2019. The Jones are regular customers at Rancher’s Feed and Supply and were astonished that they were selected as the winners of the vaccine cooler. As Vicki says, “we never win anything so we were just shocked.” Congratulations to Rancher’s Feed on providing high quality products and services and the Joneses for their customer loyalty.


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