Santa responds to Niobrara children

Dear Children of Niobrara County,

Merry Christmas, Season’s Greetings and Happy Holidays to you all. Many of you had questions about myself and life at the North Pole so I thought I would take a few moments and answer your questions.Mrs. Claus and I are just doing wonderful. Very busy finishing up last minute details for my upcoming trip. The reindeer are also excited. They know that there will be goodies left out for them as well. Rudolph has been polishing his nose so that it can really glow in case we encounter fog or clouds. And, Donovan, the reindeer really love carrots! 

Yes, Addie, Prancer has been prancing around. With the magic of Christmas in the air, he can’t help himself. Cooper, Frosty says hello and says to tell you that he has been helping Mrs. Claus frost the cookies. He would love to help bake them, but he just can’t handle the heat. 

The Elves have been working hard to make sure that all of your gifts are ready in time. Brylee and Amber, I have so many Elves living here that it would take more space than this letter will allow to name them. But, I will let you know that I do have and Elf named Brylee and an Elf named Amber working for me. Their job is putting the marshmallows in the hot cocoa mix!

JayVis, you asked how long it takes me to travel around the world. Well, with all of the Christmas magic in the air, I’m able to do it all in one night. Traceton, my favorite food, of course, is milk and cookies, and I’m really looking forward to that picture we talked about. No, Linken, I don’t have any pets, but all of the animals love me and come and go as they please. We are one big happy family here. I don’t have a favorite song, Amber, but I am very fond of the ones that are sung about me. 

Carmela, I know that blizzards can be scary, but have no fear my dear, Rudolph always sees us through any bad weather. His shiny nose glows through the storms like a laser beam. Maci, I look forward to receiving that map from your house to my home at the North Pole. You never know when a map can come in handy. 

Wyncee, what fun to have your baby sister Lucy to share Christmas with, make sure you always watch over and help take care of her. And Grant, I am so very happy that your Dad will be home for 6 weeks to spend time together with you. Families are the best gift of all. As for your question, Abby….I am much older than I look and younger than I will ever be again.

Well, Mrs. Claus just called me to her kitchen to taste-test the latest batch of cookies so I must go. Ho Ho, Ho, Merry Christmas everyone! I will be seeing you real soon!

Love, Santa

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