Santa’s Helpers hold annual dinner

“ “Maybe Christmas” the Grinch thought, “doesn’t come from a store. Maybe Christmas…perhaps…means a little bit more!” “—Dr. Seuss’ The Grinch.  

Santa’s Helpers were busy doing just that—spreading Christmas joy around the county early last week. “Santa does make a difference in children’s lives. Santa’s Helpers is comprised of many Volunteers whom raise money so we can put this event on for our less fortunate children and families in Niobrara County,” begins Patti Sigvartsen of Santa’s Helpers, adding, “We served forty-six families , 169 people in our community and there is nothing better than a smile from a child whom is very happy”. Those who participated enjoyed a Christmas dinner next to neighbors followed by a line of gifts following a traditional 4-gift rule; something you need, something to read, something to wear, and something you may want. The line ended with a visit with Santa and a toy gift that could hardly wait until Christmas to be opened. “[I’m] Not sure what was the hot item this year but I did buy a lot of star wars toys, frozen, headphones, [and] speakers for kids” states Sigvartsen who explains that it really is the donations that make the event so special. “The donations of all kinds that we receive really do make a huge difference in someone’s life. Once again, another successful year in the books. We are fortunate this year in having the Elks Club join us and be a part of the Santa’s Helpers. They have bought many gifts, food cards and food so we can make this event happen. They are a huge support for us and we welcome them aboard for hopefully many years to come” explains Sigvartsen. In addition to the Christmas dinner, seven families will also be receiving Christmas food boxes that will hold the makings for a Christmas dinner. “I had lots of wonderful volunteers whom came out to help with Santa’s Helpers and I am truly thankful for all of you. A huge thank you goes out to Kayla & Jordy Courtright, Linda Frye, Carolyn Gill, Barbie Turner, Brenda Midkiff, Jackie Bredthauer, Etta Patterson, Mandy Pruitt, Rickie Linneman, Dawn Scott, Justin Collins, Deb Scott, Norma Langston, Janette Starck, Sharlet Duffy, Dawn Godfrey, Barbara Cushman, Heidi Sturman, Becky Freeman, Diane Carpenter, Krystal Miller, Karen Baer, Michael Baer, Kelley Cole, Rod Jones, Gary Mitchell, Jeanine Larson, Ole Sigvartsen, Brylee Carter, Deanna McLean, Margy Lou Fernau, Wanda Spivey for donating water and helping clean up the fairgrounds before, during and  after the event,  inmates whom have made lots of nice gifts for us, the 4H children for wrapping all of our gifts, and everyone out there whom has helped in the past and present. Please forgive me if I have forgotten someone because really this is a community wide event that takes all of us to put on and we could not do it without you all. Whom have donated time, money, and items; we could not do this without you!” 

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