School is just around the corner

LUSK – As August progresses, students enrolled in the Niobrara County School District brick and mortar and Wyoming Virtual Academy schools are preparing for their first day back. Throughout the spring semester of 2019 and the summer, the school board and administration worked hard on strategic planning for the district and formulating a vision for where they want to take education in Niobrara County. The New Mission, Vision and Values are:


            Inspire learning, empower innovation, and honor community, every day.


All students enter the world with the skills and confidence to meet their challenges and, in turn, grow and serve others.

Core Values

            T – Teamwork

            I – Integrity

            G – Gratitude

            E – Empowerment

            R – Respect

            S – Success

            … achieving excellence


            Expect More! Do More!

For many high school athletes, they will be getting started earlier than other students with sports practices beginning well before school does. High School Golf will begin practice on Monday, August 12. Students MUST have their sports physical completed and bring the form with them to the first practice. Free sports physical day is Thursday, August 14th from 4-5:30 p.m with sports meetings to follow.

This year the district will be following a four-day week schedule with activities and enrichment planned for the no-school Fridays. The Niobrara County Extension office is also offering Friday activity programs for all children. Please contact them at (307) 334-3534 for more information. There are four Fridays when students will be in school due to calendar restrictions on the previous Monday, these days are August 23, September 6, January 10, March 13 and April 17.

School days will run from 8:10 a.m.-3:30 p.m. for Elementary and Lance Creek, Middle School is 8:05 a.m.-3:35 p.m. and High School is 8 a.m.-3:45 p.m. Bus schedules will be adjusted accordingly. For transportation questions please contact director Kevin Gaukel.

Lu Kaspers will be continuing as the Lusk Elementary/Middle School principal. Phil Garhart is the principal at Niobrara County High School and George Mirich looks forward to another year as the Superintendent of Niobrara County Schools. Traci Bruegger and Mary Larson will be keeping students and staff in line as the school secretaries and Trish Molzahn will be dishing up more delicious food for our students in the cafeteria. Adele Cass will be returning as the district school nurse.

Along with all the familiar faces are several new ones. NCSD will be welcoming Celine Hall as the new Music Teacher, Claire Heidel will be teaching First-Second Grade, Kelcy Wiegel is starting in the Kindergarten classroom, Julie Bukowski is a new LEMS Custodian and Amanda Dawson has taken over as District Payroll Clerk.

In this week’s Herald you will find the calendar for August and September, the school supply list for all grade levels at LEMS and the contact information for all the schools as well as the administrative office.

As a reminder, if you are choosing to homeschool this year you need to be sure and turn in your letter and petition to the School Board for approval and be sure that if your student was previously enrolled in the district you submit your withdrawal information. Contact information for the district is as follows:

Niobrara County School District Office:

PO Box 629/619 West 5th Street Lusk, WY 82225 phone: (307) 334-3793 fax: (307) 334-0126

Lusk Elementary/Middle School (LEMS):

PO Box 1239/425 South Maple Street Lusk, WY 82225 phone: (307) 334-2224 fax: (307) 334-2400

Lance Creek School:

PO Box 334/325 Twenty Mile Road Lance Creek, WY 82222 phone: (307) 334-3403 fax: (307) 334-2400

Niobrara County High School:

PO Box 1050/702 West 5th Street Lusk, WY 82225: (307) 334-3320 fax: (307) 334-2331

Wyoming Virtual Academy:

PO Box 574/322 West 5th Street Lusk, WY 82225: (307) 334-1001 fax: (307) 334-0900

Additional information and forms can all be found on the school website,


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