Second defendant in poaching case appears

LUSK – Appearing before Judge Randal Arp on January 23, 2019, in the Circuit Court of the Eighth Judicial District of and for Niobrara County, was Kade Clark for his bond appearance. Clark is one of the two men accused of 56 counts of Game and Fish violations, believed to have occurred over the past three years. The charges are as follows; four Counts of taking furbearing animal w/o license, 16 counts wantonly destroy big or trophy game, nine counts of accessory before the fact, 11 counts of knowingly take antlered or horned big or trophy game, one count of Hunt, trap, fish or collect antlers/horns on private property, one count of take small game w/o license, one count of waste or abandon small game, three counts of take or harass big game/trophy game/bison w/o license, four counts take wildlife w/ artificial light, one miscellaneous violation of Comm’n Ordinance, four counts of hunt, shoot or kill wildlife from a Highway. 

Clark was present with his attorney Wendy Palen of Glendo, for the purpose of setting a bond record. The state recommended bond conditions of 10% of a $10,000.00 bond be posted, Clark will be allowed to travel only on a supervised school bus for school activities. Any other travel has to be approved by the court. No violations of law, or court orders, he must keep his address and phone number current with the court and maintain contact with his attorney. No contact with the other defendant or his family. No alcohol/drugs, and he isn’t to be in any establishment or around any persons who serve or consume alcohol/drugs. Clark is subject to random testing. No weapons-guns, bows and arrows, and cannot be around any person who possesses weapons. No Hunting license, and Clark must maintain good standing in school. 

After taking the states recommendations into consideration, Judge Arp reiterated the same potential outcome, stating that if convicted Clark could face some serious consequences, and that he felt obligated to enforce a cash deposit, as security not to waste anybody’s time, including the future jury.  

Judge Arp accepted the state’s recommendation and said, “This was filed by summons of information, quite a few counts, when there are so many allegations, I am concerned about supervision. For those reasons, I am going to set this for 10% of a $10,000 cash bond,” and included, Clark is not allowed to travel outside Niobrara County without preapproval from the court, with the exception of school activities on supervised school bus. 

Standard conditions include, no violations of law, court orders, maintain contact with lawyers at all times, keep current address and phone number on file with the court, no contact with Dimitri Richards, No alcohol/drugs and not be in any establishment that serves alcohol, and not be around anyone consuming alcohol/drugs. Clark will subject to random testing. Clark is also not to be in possession or around anyone in possession of firearms, or archery equipment, and is not allowed to possess a hunting/fishing/trapping license from Wyoming or any other state”.


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