Senior center hosts food bank truck

LUSK – Cars lined up across the senior center parking lot and snaked across sixth street and down two blocks. The drivers were all there for the Wyoming Food Bank of the Rockies delivery announced the previous week. The event was for anyone in the community and all were invited to come to pick up food boxes. It is separate from the income-based commodities that the center hosts as well.

This was the first time in a long time, and the first time for the Senior Center hosting that the food bank had made a delivery to the Lusk area. Organizers were unsure of how many would actually show up for the food distribution and the number surprised everyone. Within 40 minutes all fifty boxes had been distributed and still more cars lined up were unable to pick up boxes. 

The center plans to make this a monthly event as long as the food bank truck has the supplies and is able to serve the area. They plan to probably double the amount of food they will have available next month and don’t want those that went way without something to be discouraged. The goal is to distribute all boxes and not have any waste. Contacting the center to let them know you are interested in picking up a box next time is not required but would give them an idea of roughly how many to anticipate. There is still no guarantee but they will try hard to continue to increase supplies based on demand. 

The food boxes typically include several pounds of fresh produce and organizers simply request that any food your household won’t consume be returned to the center in a timely way to be redistributed. For more questions or to find out the next date you can contact the Senior Center at (307) 334-2561.


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