Sewing for Jason’s Friends

LUSK – Items from home often offer comfort when a patient is in the hospital and that comfort becomes even more important when the patient is a child. For anyone who has spent even one night in a hospital bed having your own pillow can make a big difference. When that pillow comes with a cheerful, brightly colored case that is in direct contract to the institutional white in most hospitals it make sit even better. Vivian Fahy and her 4-H sewing kids work to make sure that children battling cancer have such a pillow.

Fahy and her team of 4-H sewing kids worked hard last Wednesday to make sure that Jason’s Friends, a nonprofit out of Casper, was fully stocked on colorful and fun pillow cases for the children that come through the program.

Jason’s friends offers these pillowcases to children (under age 20) that will be going through treatment for cancer, brain tumors or spinal cord tumors. Several years ago, Fahy started sewing pillow cases with the Niobrara homemakers to donate cases and pillows to the program. This grew into doing projects with 4-H sewing kids to show them how the skills they are learning can be used to support community service projects. Tuesday, Maggie Goddard, Laurel Poage, Helen Olsen, Miranda Smith and Sarah-Jo Goddard all worked on pillow cases to donate. 

For questions about 4-H sewing or to find out how you can help please contact the Niobrara County Extension office at (307) 334-3534.


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