Six swimmers travel to Hemingford's pool

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The Lusk Swim Team competed in the third meet of the summer on Saturday, June 24th in Hemingford, NE. Six swimmers made the trip and enjoyed a great day of swimming and nice weather. All the swimmers improved their times and some swam in events for the first time.



Traceton Engelker

* 5th in 25m Butterfly

* 13th in 25m Breaststroke

* 12th in 25m Freestyle

Cooper Miller

* 3rd in 25m Butterfly

* 6th in 50m Freestyle

* 6th in 25m Freestyle

* 10th in 25m Breaststroke

11-12 YEAR OLD

Kendal Engelker

* 1th  in 200m IM

* 4th in 50m Butterfly

* 3rd in 100m IM

* 9th in 100m Freestyle

13-14 YEAR OLD

Danni Larson

* 11th in 100m Freestyle

* 17th in 50m Breaststroke

* 20th in 50 Freestyle

Dalton Larson

* 4th in 50m Freestyle

* 5th in 50m Breaststroke

* 5th in 100m Freestyle

15-18 YEAR OLD

Makena Engelker

* 2nd in 100m IM

* 4th in 50m Butterfly

* 4th in 50m Freestyle

* 4th in 100m Freestyle

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