Smokehouse 307 opens its doors with a new spin

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It was a long summer last year without Lusk’s local drive-in offering their tasty burgers and cool ice cream. This year, Kenna Manasco has brought back not only the burgers and ice cream, but she’s put her own spin on the old drive-in and I’m not just talking about the fresh coat of red and white paint or the nice metal wall she added inside the stand. Manasco has brought not only barbeque to the drive-in, but the classic American nostalgia often associated with a drive-in; sitting on a picnic table chatting life away, watching cars go by, and enjoying the summer breeze; she delivers it all with her funny-upturned-smile-sarcastic sense of humor as she and her help—many of whom double as family—serve up summer through the window. 

The official opening day of the Smokehouse 307 located at the BQ Coral was June 6 to which Manasco laughs that, “It was a disaster. We thought we would leave the open sign turned off and if a car pulled in we would just serve them for practice. One car turned into a parking lot full of cars. We served 130 people that day, and we were only prepared for a few”. Since then, Manasco and her team have worked out the kinks associated with opening the drive-in, “We are working on cutting down the wait time, adjusting the menu and training staff”. Most of all, Manasaco says, “We think it will be a fun, busy season! We could not have picked a better community!”

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