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LUSK – The Silvercliff Salvation Seekers chapter of the Christian Motorcyclists Association (CMA) convened for their inaugural meeting at the 3 Sisters truck stop in Manville the morning of Sept. 18.

The meeting concluded and the group rode to Lusk’s Outpost truck stop and café to meet with other motorcyclists for a ride to Harrison, Nebraska, Mitchell, Nebraska and Torrington. Before returning to Lusk, the group stopped for lunch at the Broncho Grillhouse in Torrington, where they met up with members of the Goshen Ghost Riders chapter. 

The meeting and ride marked the beginning of a new chapter in Bill and Emmalee Shoup’s life but wasn’t the beginning for the Shoups with CMA.

Bill started with the Sonshine Riders CMA chapter in Muskegon, Michigan in 1990.

“We are an international organization,” Emmalee added. “Wherever you are, there’s likely to be a CMA chapter. If you’re looking for Christians who love Jesus and love to ride…if you want to be a part of that, you can find it anywhere. In fact, the first chapter in India just opened.”

Then in 2016, Bill and Emmalee purchased a Harley together and joined the CMA chapter in Greeley, Colorado. There, Bill was the vice president of the chapter for most of that time. 

“When we first got a bike and we were searching for people to ride with,” Emmalee said. “Two things are really important to us: that people ride safe and sober, but also that people have a heart for helping others.”

The Shoups considered several organizations, even Christian organizations, but the Christian Motorcycle Association was most appealing to the Shoups because it is organized and established.

“It was where we belonged,” Emmalee said.

The two left Greeley and made their way to Lusk in 2019. During the summer of 2019, Bill and Emmalee joined the Goshen Ghost Riders chapter in Torrington.

The two served the Goshen Ghost Riders chapter as co-chaplains until Wyoming state leadership in CMA convinced them to start a new chapter in Lusk.

“There are definitely enough riders in this community to justify a branch group here,” Bill said. 

“It’s a great location, too,” Emmalee said. “It’s a frequent gas stop on the way to Sturgis.”

Emmalee said the organization doesn’t gender discriminate like some organizations do. 

“It is nice that there are equal opportunities for male and female leadership, which isn’t true in any of those traditional ‘1%er-type’ motorcycle clubs,” Emmalee said. “We are a Christian riding organization. We are not a motorcycle club. We are a service organization.”

Bill pointed out there are a few female presidents around, one being in Thermopolis. 

The Shoups are currently seeking other like-minded riders to consider joining their chapter.

“We are looking for other good folks that have a heart for God and a heart for Jesus and helping people,” Bill said. “That’s what we’re all about.” 

The Shoups said you do not need a motorcycle to join either. Though the organization is called the Christian Motorcyclist Association, some members don’t have motorcycles, some ride all-terrain vehicles, utility-type vehicles, four-wheelers, side-by-sides, dirt bikes, etc. Some members don’t ride a motorcycle or other all-terrain vehicle at all. The membership is open to anyone and everyone who accept Jesus Christ as their personal savior and complete the member training offered by CMA. 

An added benefit of being a member of CMA is the Youth Movement. CMA’s Youth Movement allows opportunities for youth to participate in CMA chapter activities and gain a firm grounding in a Christ-led life under the mentorship of CMA leaders. 

For more information about the CMA Youth Movement, contact Torrington resident and CMA Youth Movement area representatives Tim and Maria Wells at 307-575-6958.

In addition to regular meetings and rides, the Silvercliff Salvation Seekers are considering a biker pit stop for the week of Sturgis in 2022, among other events sponsored by the Wyoming
state chapter. 

For more information about CMA or joining CMA, contact President Bill Shoup at 970-388-1254 or Vice President Alvin Syrovatka at 307-338-7082. Anyone interested in CMA or taking part in fun, sober, family-friend events are invited to attend a meeting of the Silvercliff Salvation Seekers and learn more about the chapter. Their meetings are the third Saturday of each month at the 3 Sisters truck stop in Manville. Breakfast is at 7:30 a.m. and the meeting starts at 8 a.m.


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