Specials Showcase was truly a special night


LUSK - It was stupendous and spectacular and a Showcase of talent at LEMS Wednesday night. It could rival the upcoming circus with the talent that was inside these walls of the school. There was of course, the different mediums and styles of art from Pre-Kindergarten through 6th grade. There was even music off and on to add some background to the event, although it was showcased itself with different student ensembles playing short examples of what they have learned.

There were multiple obstacle courses and exercise options in the gym resulting in non-stop activity. They were fun to watch and try to imagine if any adult could keep up with the numerous ways of pushing the muscles to do something new and different. There were refreshments all evening of ice cream and fruit that hit the spot after watching some of the kids and their talents. 

Attendees were invited to try their hand at “drawing like Van Gogh” or use the smart board to learn music and compositions., So, like the upcoming circus we had art and posters around the room, music to enjoy it all with, no peanuts, but ice cream and fruit and even some wild animals although we call them toddlers. It was an evening well spent and enjoyed by all who attended. 

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