Spring concert showcases growing program


LUSK - The NCHS spring music concert kicked off with an accompanied cover of “The Sound of Silence”. A Disney-themed introduction to the choir members via a multi-media presentation created by Samatha Kelsay.

Director Elise Rodrigues accompanied the choir on their next two pieces, “Look Through My Eyes” from the Disney movie Brother Bear and “Touch the Sky” from Disney-Pixar’s movie Brave. Both pieces required some harmony which was well done. Marleigh Smith had a pleasant executed solo in “Touch the Sky”.

The NCHS bad played a “Wellerman” a traditional New Zealand folk song arranged by Paul Martha and “Baba Yetu” originally written as a hymn in Swahili by Christopher Tin and arranged by Johnnie Vinson. The first piece featured a solo on Tenor Saxophone by Karlei Pontarolo and a flute solo by Phoebe Allbright. Some complex off-beat timing was required of the percussion section in the second song who shone through that melody. The harmonies between the bass clarinet, bari saxophone and tenor saxophone were also well done.

The concert closed out with a rousing rendition of “Land of a 1000 Dances” giving the audience a glimpse of what is to come in the fall with pep band.

Director Elise Rodrigues and the student musicians should be commended for their progress this year as they seek to rebuild the program.

NCHS Choir:

Sopranos-Samantha Kelsay, Abby McConnell, Marleigh Smith. Altos-Arianna Atis, and Marcus Broberg

Veltie Mendoza and Taya Tillman.

NCHS Band:

Flute: Pheobe Allbright

Clarinet: Sophia Durham and Cass Santistevan

Bass Clarinet: Michael Daniels

Alto Sax: Urijah Fish, Xander Hite and Veltie Mendoza

Tenor Sax: Karlei Pontarolo

Bari Sax: Paige Potter

Trumpet: Charity Musico and Marleigh Smith

Percusion: Tia Allbright, Arianna Atis, Kaleb Duval, Nathan Nelson and Kyra Willey.