Stitching charities together at Lickety Stitch

LUSK-After nearly 14-years, Lickety Stitch Quilt Shop has grown into a popular meeting place for quilters and crafters alike. Now, with the new addition of the Class Annex building, the establishment has become a school as well. Lickety Stitch now offers courses in sewing and quilting.

Owner Karen Wissman has always had a passion for sewing. Her mother taught her to sew and, by the time she was in fifth grade, she had sewn her own dress. She has never stopped sewing and eventually turned her passion into a business with the opening of Lickety Stitch Quilt Shop.

Wissman is vocally proud of her new space.

“It’s not just used for quilting and sewing, but for all types of classes,” Wissman said. “Some ladies will bring in their sewing machines and will just gather to have a fun time and quilt.”

This space acts as a classroom for a group of ladies who come three days every month. Wissman also welcomes anyone who wishes to rent the space for all manner of classes.

“Everyone is welcome to come and learn how to sew,” Wissman said. “A lot of people will donate material to work with, too.”

In addition to fostering creativity, Lickety Stitch allows local quilting and sewing artists to engage in charitable exercises. These include making place mats for Niobrara Senior Center Meals on Wheels.

It is Wissman’s hope that she will be able to find new ways to give back to the community in the form of sewing. She is welcome to all ideas for new charities. To contact Lickety Stitch Quilt Shop, call the shop at 334-9963 or email Wissman at [email protected]

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