The Lusk Swim Team travels to Sidney, NE

The Lusk Swim Team traveled to Sidney, NE on July 8th for the last swim meet of the year. There were over 200 swimmers at the meet and the Lusk kids competed well. We would like to thank our parents for getting their swimmers up for practice, getting them to the meets and helping out whenever they could. Also, we would like to thank Barb Cushman and the Tiger Plunge staff and the City of Lusk for letting us use the pool and being flexible with us this summer. We greatly appreciate it. Thank you to the Lusk Herald for allowing us to put in the articles and pictures of the swimmers. We know parents, grandparents and the community enjoy reading about the kids. Last, we would like to thank the swimmers. They put in a lot of early mornings, cold swims and hard work and dedication. You all make doing Swim Team enjoyable for us.



Traceton Engelker

* 6th in 25yd Butterfly

* 14th in 25yd Breaststroke

* 9th in 25yd Freestyle

* 7th in 100yd Medley Relay

* 9th in 100yd Free Relay

Cooper Miller

* 4th in 50yd Freestyle

* 5th  in 25yd Freestyle

* 5th in 25yd Butterfly

* 1st in 100yd Medley Relay

* 1st in 100yd Free Relay


Tia Allbright

* 17th in 25yd Freestyle

* Swam the 25yd Breaststroke

11-12 YEAR OLD

Kendal Engelker

* 2nd  in 200yd IM

* 7th in 50yd Butterfly

* 7th in 100yd IM

* 15th in 50yd Freestyle

* 3rd in 200yd Medley Relay

* 3rd in 200yd Free Relay

Phoebe Allbright

* 12th in 50yd Backstroke

* 8th in 50yd Breaststroke

* 23rd in 50yd Freestyle

* 6th in 200yd Medley Relay

* 8th in 200yd Free Relay

11-12 YEAR OLD

Sammy Miles

* 8th in 100yd Freestyle

* 11th in 50yd Backstroke

* Swam 100yd IM

* 14th in 50yd Freestyle

* 6th in 200yd Medley Relay

* 7th in 200yd Free Relay

15-18 YEAR OLD

Makena Engelker

* 5th in 100yd Freestyle

* 4th in 50yd Butterfly

* 4th in 100yd IM

* 4th in 50yd Free


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