Then and Now; June 5, 2019

I did have another stay at Dominican Hospital. This time, I came home before the broccoli and tilapia was served. Two members of my chosen family, Gary Flynn and Jeff Lorenzen pushed me home in a wheel chair to Dominican Oaks.

While I was in the hospital, a classical music duo of piano and violin played a concert. Although I prefer Country-Western, Bluegrass and Elvis concerts, I agreed to sponsor them. As expected, the music brought much happiness to a packed house audience of senior citizens. I know that the folks were thirsty and starved for this kind of music. According to the folks attending, the music was a treat not only for the ears, but also for the soul.

Sponsoring the concerts brings happiness to me. The concerts connect us all: the strong, the weak, the lonely, the up-landers and the low-landers. For a period of time we all act and enjoy as one. Since I started sponsoring the concerts other folks have asked to help. As a result, Dominican Oaks has a monthly calendar filled with live music.

I do not have any of the electronic devices, nor am I on Twitter. However, recently I was persuaded to get “Alexa”. I am happy to report that Alexa is still happily single. I find that I get happiness from face to face or letter to letter contacts. This type of contact lets me feel the other person’s feelings and emotions. Communication is more than words. It is facial expression and bodily movement. The words have tones and emphasis, which I hear and interpret.

Giving also contributes to happiness. Give whatever you have to give, whether it be time or money or both. And in giving, do not forget to give to yourself. We can all do the ordinary things: get enough sleep, eat well and exercise. By taking care of number one, stress is reduced, making me better able to help others.

Eating healthy also increases happiness. Processed foods and oversized meals have contributed to my health problems. My goal is still to walk without my walker. My body is ninety percent healthy. The other ten percent is under repair. Fortunately, the body sends a signal when enough is enough…try a different path. New paths often create new opportunities and I am both eager and willing to travel.


                                                                                    ABRAHAM LINCOLN


John Wasserburger

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