United we Stand

LUSK - It seems overly simple: Someone has a need and someone else wants to help.

As the old song goes, Lets get together, yeah, yeah, yeah.§ But sometimes, even in a small town those two cant connect. 

One has Facebook but the other doesnt. Or maybe one lives out on Cheyenne River and the other in Van Tassell. Either way, even in a small town it is easy for these two to miss a connection.

The website www.niobraraunited.com seeks to remedy this. This website is all about connecting people with people. That is it. It doesnt provide a service, function as a messaging app or have any other objective. 

There are only three buttons on the site, I have a need§, Id Like  to Help§ or Learn More.§

Niobrara United was started by a group of concerned individuals who knew that with all of the uncertainty and economic hurt brought on by the countrys response to COVID-19, the number of individuals needing help was going to increase. But likely, a number of resources within the community could be used to meet those needs. Instead of trying to coordinate a vast effort on one front like childcare or grocery delivery or even housing they decided to let, people help people by making it easier to connect.

Once an individual clicks on the button category for them, they are directed to a basic form where they can submit their name, phone number, email and best way to contact them, as well as what it is they are either needing or willing to provide. 

The website assures them the contact information will never be seen by anyone but site administrators and only used for the purpose of coordinating help. There is also an additional disclaimer reminding them they are volunteering and will not receive – nor should they expect – any compensation.

After submitting the form, people are directed to site guidelines they must read and click that they have read and will comply. It is three simple things, avoid contact with people, follow hand hygiene and stay home if they are sick – the minimal guidelines that have been issued to help prevent the  spread of COVID-19.

Multiple administrators work together to share the burden of checking and coordinating. They hope that this website will allow the Niobrara community to come together and meet each others needs like a community should. 


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