Valentine’s Day dance held

The Pizza Place was used last weekend for an early Valentine’s Day Dance open to all residents of Niobrara County. Organized by Lusk resident Jessica Wagner, the event was a family-friendly get together complete with beautiful lights, rose petal tables, and red and pink pom-pom balls hung from the ceiling. “There is a group of us that are trying to do more community stuff that doesn’t involve alcohol; more family friendly” stated Wagner, adding that The Pizza Place has been generous enough to offer the use of their building. The Valentine’s Day Dance hasn’t been the only event covered by Wagner; back in January a pot-luck style New Year’s Party was thrown at the same location, that time with various games including a bean bag toss and a selection of board games. Per Wagner, the Valentine’s Day Dance was more highly attended, leaving hope for future activities of the same nature, “We are talking about doing a St. Patrick’s Day [event], we talked about BINGO”. Wagner emphasizes that the importance is on events for the whole family and, “Doing something the whole family can come to, especially in the winter time when there isn’t as much to do. That’s really the aim of it, just more stuff for kids and family friendly to do”.  In addition to the dance, Heather Goddard was on hand with donated time and materials for a photo booth, a happy-extra Wagner appreciated. New Year’s, Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, for Wagner covering the events in a family-friendly way offer, “Just an opportunity for the whole family to come do something. In Lusk, most things tend to involve alcohol; we have a good opportunity having this space and having an opportunity to do stuff. Community involvement, everyone always talks about not having stuff to do; now we have some things to do”. 

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