Wearing the stripes...it's a family affair

Lisa Shaw/Courtesy to the Lusk Herald Grant, Scott and Connor Redman prepare for tipoff before the Niobrara County and Sundance girls’ basketball game last week at Tiger Gym.

LUSK- Most basketball fans throughout Eastern Wyoming recognize Scott Redman, as he has been a constant presence as a basketball official since 1993. Last Saturday at Tiger Gym he had the opportunity not many get to experience and work a game with his two boys. “The windshield time to and from games is always special and to have this moment with my boys will be something I’ll cherish,” Scott noted.

“I was umpiring slow pitch softball and Mike Schaefer was my partner and he suggested that I should get into football and basketball,” Scott said. “Toby Sanchez, Stu Nelson and Jerry Davies come to mind as others that mentored me when I was younger.”

Almost 30 years later, Scott has worked countless regional and state tournaments and is now considered a mentor for many of the younger ones. His presence and dedication have been steadfast in a thankless job that not many are willing to attempt.

As young boys Connor and Grant traveled with their mom to games and got to experience both sides of the coin. From being in the locker room before, during and after games and while sitting in the crowd as their father was cheered, jeered or yelled at gave them perspective. “It was fun, we’d be in the locker room before the game and then go sit in the crowd to watch and get an idea from the fans view,” Connor stated. “And then we’d go back and hear the same plays from their end.”

Connor just graduated from the University of Wyoming and is pursuing his Masters in school counseling. “It’s something to do and earn some money for the time being,” he said. The fifth-year official worked his first Regional tournament last season and is on the rise in the southeast corner of the state.

Grant is a freshman at UW majoring in kinesiology, and like big brother, enjoys the camaraderie and finds it to be a good way to make money. “Going into the locker room before games and hearing dad and the guys discuss their routine has helped me want to do this,” he said.

Sports have always been a major part of the Redman family, as family matriarch Ann was a two-sport athlete in college. “We love sitting around watching almost any sport, anything that is competitive,” Scott said. “Even on family game night, the boys have learned that if we want to eat dinner, then sometimes we have to let mom win.”

Lusk is one of the places that Scott was given an opportunity to do varsity games as a young man and when Lady Tiger head coach Deb Murray heard that Connor and Grant were getting involved, is how this opportunity arose. “We’re not a hunting and fishing family, we spent the summers on the ballfield and winters in the gym,” Scott said. “And so this our thing we get to do together as a family.”

Love them or hate them it’s a hard, thankless job, but one born of passion. “Not many kids want to follow their dads (or moms) into this profession because they do hear fans yelling, sometimes in a not so great manner,” added Scott. “But we love going to watch them work if our schedules allow it, and I’m just so proud of both of them.”

Longtime partner and travel mate Britt Bath happened to join the conversation near its end. “Scott is the one who got me into doing this, and these boys have been in a lot of pregame meetings, as I’ve watched them grow up,” Bath said. “Like Scott said, we’ve spent a lot of windshield time together and it’s pretty special for me as well. And to get to do it in Lusk at Deb’s blessing means a lot.”



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