Weather doesn’t keep students and teachers down

Good things happening to move district forward

LUSK - After opening the March 27 school board meeting with roll call, the first order of business was approval of the amended agenda. It was approved and seconded to accept the amended agenda.

The Student of the Month started off with Miles Ashurst, Uriah Fish and Larkin Williams. They each received a Tiger blanket to celebrate. Next was Xavier Munoz as Student of the Month who also received his blanket. Last was Emmit Noyce who stood very proudly to receive his certificate and blanket as Student of the Month.

J.D. Wasserburger gave a speech thanking the school board for ensuring that the wrestling team had everything they need, whenever they need it. He explained how rough the season was for the team with injuries and weather, but praised the team for how well they did. He thanked the teachers for their support to the team by helping the kids get and keep their grades up. He also praised the school for teaching and certifying high school kids in QuickBooks as that is the program that he uses at the ranch. He thanked the band for being at his father's funeral and playing the "fight song" of the school. 

Tessa Manning and Phoebe Allbright represented Student Council and reported that they have an unused fund that they are going to use for some gift baskets for a couple of people in the community battling cancers. Their fund raiser basketball game will be April 27. This game is students and teachers only but the spectators can make bets also. It should be fun for everyone. The 307 team challenge will showcase what alcohol can do to a person by role playing a party and then a drunk driving accident. That will be May 9. 

Cassandra Matney, Cora Fitzgerald and Holly Kerkes reported on their trip to Orlando Florida for the national afterschool programs. They found that cities were dealing with the same issues as smaller towns and how the students should be taking their ideas for change to their legislators. They also learned about balancing for mental health in the teachers and students. 

Next up was the report from the Business Manager. All questions asked of her were answered satisfactorily. Her report was good with totals and budget staying where they should.

Superintendents report was looking for teachers and the fact that they are few and far between. Mr. Mirich reported on the projects that are needed to be done in the high school gym such as refinishing and repainting the gym floor. They also want to paint the walls in the gym and attempt to paint the ceiling. He also stated that they are looking to replace the old bleachers since they have to be pulled out to refinish and repaint the gym. Mr. Mirich said that the projects needed will not be funded and will have to be paid for by the school. They don't fall under any of the requirements for funding and as of now there aren't any bids, so there isn't a tentative total of monies. 

The only board member with a report was Lexie Ashurst. Ashurst said she had watched all the online classes and it mainly was what a school board can legally do and what they can not do legally. She encouraged the board to go online and watch the sessions that are about a half hour long.

The consent agenda was moved and approved.

Michelle Wagner was approved for hire as a special education teacher for the next school year.

The general fund Expenditure Budget is at $14,900,000. and the Special Revenue Expenditure Budget is $2,090,000. Both amended budgets were voted on and approved for the school year of 2022-2023. If they need adjusted it can be added as an action item later on to the agenda.

A home school petition was approved for Shelly Ladwig. 

Shawna Rowley was approved for the 2023 golf season coach aide.

Katie Kruse reported on the board evaluations and was happy with the comments and the numbers.

JD Wasserburger came back to apologize for the fact that he had forgotten to mention the girls that wrestled this year. Our girls were competing in all class with all schools included. Jazmin Ladwig and Elise Richards were the two that went out for wrestling with Jazmin placing. It was historic and will always be in the books. 

The board went into executive session and the meeting was concluded.