Who let the dogs out?

LUSK- Lusk has a loose dog problem and it isn’t because of irresponsible owners. Doug Jorgensen, Lusk Animal Control Officer, notified the Lusk Herald on August 24th that in the last 12 days he has been called to 10 incidents involving the release of dogs from their enclosures without the knowledge or consent of the owners. There is no pattern of preferred breed or a specific location that has been targeted. The animals range in size, breed and type of enclosure (privacy fence or chain link). At the time of this article there was no further information available but Mr. Jorgensen is working closely with the Lusk Police Department and the Niobrara County Sheriff’s department to find out who is doing this. Loose dogs are at risk of being hit by a car or being harassed. They are a safety issue for children playing outside and if you see a loose dog please call the county dispatch line 334-2240. Law enforcement is also recommending that if possible you lock your gate or leave your dog inside.


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