From the desk of the president of ICOW

Normally I am addressing the people of Wyoming’s Ag industry but, just like last year I need to reach out to ALL Wyomingites. ... more


Then & Now, Jan. 2, 2019

My future at being a rancher had no future. Off to college I went to study to become a teacher. In three years, I graduated from the University of Wyoming with a BA degree in 1955... more


Don't Shoot the Messenger, Jan. 2, 2019

Everyone has a forte. We are all given talents and what we do with those talents is a personal aspect of who we are.... more


Dec. 26, 2018 - Don't Shoot the Messenger

Shopping was an activity that I used to enjoy. I have decided that after this year, it is a necessary chore.... more


Don't Shoot the Messenger02-28-2018

I was raised in a home with firearms. Guns were a tool of the trade for my dad. ... more