In the COVID-19 era, what on earth do you advise to 2020 graduates?

Wow, what on earth would you say to a graduate this year about his or her future?... more

Editorial Cartoon, April 29, 2020

Editorial Cartoon, April 29, 2020... more

The Cowboy Way

When I was a little girl, I spent my days running around a farm north of Hawk Springs. This was my little slice of heaven.... more

Why Congress needs to support your local news sources in this crisis

During this coronavirus pandemic, access to accurate and trustworthy information in your community is as critical to life under quarantine and as sought after as hand sanitizer and face masks.... more

Where’s all the local news? It’s right here!

There’s a thread going about right now on social media, claiming this newspaper has, in effect, abandoned its job of being the chronicle of our community.... more

Editorial Cartoon, April 8, 2020

Editorial Cartoon, April 8, 2020... more

It’s a people problem

Normally I would be writing to you as readers with a bit of humor, but that’s not this week. ... more