Then & Now, Jan. 2, 2019

My future at being a rancher had no future. Off to college I went to study to become a teacher. In three years, I graduated from the University of Wyoming with a BA degree in 1955... more


Don't Shoot the Messenger, Jan. 2, 2019

Everyone has a forte. We are all given talents and what we do with those talents is a personal aspect of who we are.... more


Dec. 26, 2018 - Don't Shoot the Messenger

Shopping was an activity that I used to enjoy. I have decided that after this year, it is a necessary chore.... more


Don't Shoot the Messenger02-28-2018

I was raised in a home with firearms. Guns were a tool of the trade for my dad. ... more


Don't Shoot The Messenger02-21-18

Now I have always believed that there are at least three sides to every story. Her side. His side and the truth, that lies somewhere in the middle.... more


Don't Shoot the Messenger02-14-18

Sometimes in life you make connections that last through the tests of time. And there are times when those connections are made but may not become fully developed until the right moment. ... more


Don't Shoot the Messenger 01-31-2018

In every family a pecking order is established. While birth order does play a part in the development of this categorization, it is not necessarily the only determination.... more