Diamonds on the Prairie

Big day at the ranch.... more


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National Hot Tea Day... more



I’ve been thinking a lot about creativity lately.... more


Let’s be 1% better

I don’t (as a general rule) do New Year’s resolutions. ... more


Diamonds on the Prairie

There it is, right before us, 2022. ... more


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Tomorrow’s Obscure Holiday Dec. 30 Bacon Day... more


In the fullness of time

The phrase “in the fullness of time” keeps popping into my head during this Christmas season.... more


Representation in media: A way to inclusive communities

Spoiler alert, but the villain in Marvel’s new “Hawkeye” series is deaf.... more


Diamonds on the Prairie

I love to give and receive gifts!... more


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National Cupcake Day... more


News and views

The upcoming week offers many opportunities to find wonderful gift items ... more


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National Brownie Day ... more


Helping small businesses?

Don’t forget your local newspaper! ... more


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I love to clean.... more


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National Christmas Lights Day ... more


Covid across the country

Although each state is defined by its own differences, there are commonalities which make up the United States of America.... more


Diamonds on the Prairie

Many times I stood at the bottom of the hill before I began to climb.... more


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Celebrate Your Unique Talent Day ... more


Gratitude in any season

With Thanksgiving being this week, many of us have increased our focus on the things we are grateful for.... more


Fault finding fast

Romans 14:10-13 LB “You have no right to criticize your brother or look down on him. ... more


Community over the individual

I was recently going through my articles the other day and noticed one word appeared in almost every story: community. ... more


Diamonds on the Prairie

I heard them before I saw them.... more


Censorship: Should we or shouldn’t we?

In my first semester of college, I worked for three months on an article that I would eventually turn in as my final project for my Intro to Journalism class.... more