Don't Shoot the Messenger02-28-2018

I was raised in a home with firearms. Guns were a tool of the trade for my dad. ... more


Don't Shoot The Messenger02-21-18

Now I have always believed that there are at least three sides to every story. Her side. His side and the truth, that lies somewhere in the middle.... more


Don't Shoot the Messenger02-14-18

Sometimes in life you make connections that last through the tests of time. And there are times when those connections are made but may not become fully developed until the right moment. ... more


Don't Shoot the Messenger 01-31-2018

In every family a pecking order is established. While birth order does play a part in the development of this categorization, it is not necessarily the only determination.... more


Don't Shoot the Messenger 12-20-2017

My son’s fondest holiday magic was, in reality, near Christmas catastrophes, in my opinion. ... more


Don't Shoot the Messenger 12-13-2017

Sometimes little messages are sent but we get so busy that we miss them. ... more


Don't Shoot the Messenger 12-6-17

Is it Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays?... more


Behind Enemy Lines

October baseball for the Rockies and Twins ended just as soon as it began.... more


Don't Shoot the Messenger 10-18-17

When the phone call came in at five in the morning, I knew the news could not be good. ... more


Don't Shoot the Messenger 10-11-17

With all of the tragedy and depressing news lately, I find that writing my column has become difficult... more


9-27-17Don't Shoot the Messenger

You may ask, why the lesson on our National Anthem?... more


9-20-17 Don't Shoot the Messenger

Her 4th grade class had gone on a field trip to their local museum and had learned about what education was like many years ago. ... more


Behind Enemy Lines eclipse 2

The eclipse really happened, and it was brilliant, amazing, emotional, and the most incredible thing I have ever witnessed. ... more