Then and Now; August 7, 2019

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News & Views; August 7, 2019

Visitors and travel from around Niobrara County.... more


Wellness Chat; July 17, 2019

Many of us hear the word “transformation” and may often think of it as “body” transformation. There are many programs, fitness challenges and promotions that claim to lead to “body transformation”. However, the beginning of body transformation may begin in the gut and with gut health.... more


Then and Now; July 17, 2019

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News and Views; July 17, 2019

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News and Views; July 10, 2019

News and Views from Niobrara County.... more


Then and Now; July 10, 2019

Abandonment… I had and still have the fear of abandonment. Yes, I have had therapy. After having three different therapists reach the point where I was helping them more than they were helping me… I moved on.... more


Wellness Chat: June 26, 2019

Let me share with you a little about neurogenesis and the importance of a cultivating a healthy mind. Did you realize that natural stem cells exist within the brain that are continually replenished and can develop into brain neurons? We experience brain “stem cell therapy” every minute of our lives. We are not stuck with a specific number of brain cells. The brain is pliable and can continually make new cells and connections. This is called neuroplasticity. The brain is an amazing organ.... more


Then and Now; June 26, 2019

When I attended Fairview School, there was one teacher (name forgotten) whose main talent was administering corporal punishment. To this day I have not forgotten the harm that it caused and the humiliation it brought. The practice encouraged other students to lie to get classmates punished. There was one young girl (name remembered) who would say “You can’t make my lickings hurt.” The teacher would whack her again.... more


From the desk of the president of ICOW

Normally I am addressing the people of Wyoming’s Ag industry but, just like last year I need to reach out to ALL Wyomingites. ... more