Bread machine saves time and money

As most of you know grocery prices continue to rise and I keep trying find ways to stretch our food budget. In December my husband bought me a new bread machine. I don’t mind making bread the regular way but we don’t yet have a functional oven at our new house and the bread machine made it so I could make fresh bread without a lot of hands-on time. I find myself packing the machine back and forth from the ranch to town because we just love fresh bread that much! As a note, I do not use bread machine yeast, I don’t like keeping three different kinds of yeast in my fridge so I just use instant yeast for every recipe. The different types will yield different results to if you don’t have instant you will need to adjust your quantity for whatever you have on hand. I hope you enjoy these recipes.... more


3.15 News and Views

3.15 News and Views... more


Protein packed breakfast and snacks

As grocery prices continue to rise and our family adapts to the addition of a new little one I find myself turning back to several recipes that are make-ahead, full of protein and fit the bill for breakfast or snacks. These have to be low in sugar, high in protein, and cheap to make relative to the number of servings I get. These recipes also tend to freeze well so I can freeze individual portions to pull out and eat when we need something quick.... more


News & Views 2.22

Variety is sometimes called the spice of life and again we can talk about the weather. It has been wind-free and pleasant some days and down right bitterly cold the next day or so. We were warned this winter would be unusually harsh and this time they got it right. Now, I promise to not mention the weather again.... more


Critical bills stuck in speaker’s drawer

Several bills remained stuck in the Speaker of the House’s drawer last week. Tuesday, Feb. 14 was the 25th day of the 2023 legislative session.... more


So easy; is it really a recipe?

Sometimes you have go-to recipes that are so easy they have never actually been a recipe. Either it is something you have learned to make without a recipe written down.... more


Molasses adds flavor and nutrition

Molasses is one of my favorite ingredients for dishes. It contributes sweetness and depth of flavor and is a good source of several hard to get vitamins and minerals of manganese, magnesium, copper, vitamin B-6, selenium, potassium, iron and calcium.... more


News & Views of the Senior Center 12.21.22

Perhaps for the first time, since opening the Niobrara Senior Center, it was necessary to cancel having the Center open for four continuous days, due to extreme weather conditions. ... more


Letter to the Editor

Dear Citizens of Lusk, you have a group of children that are in need of your help. ... more