News and Views 8.16.23

It was the sound of music to my ears when I heard a rider mower cruising up and down the alley behind my home on Saturday morning. ... more


What a Week

I've been bought and sold on the "Dark Web". For the second time in my adult life I received a phone call stating I was being taken to court for a debt owed from over 10 years ago.... more


Homemade Trail Mix

We are pretty serious about snacks around the Goddard house. Between the four kids that are always hungry, trips back and forth to the ranch and to visit family and a homeschool schedule it is important to me to have healthy, easy snacks available for the kids to make good choices. ... more

Lest we forget....

The morning of June 6 dawned much clearer that the previous day, which was predicted to be cloudy and windy. The young man, known by friends and family as Bill, checked his gear including his jump bag and boots, sat nervously, listening to the chatter of his friends and many he didn't know. ... more


One bottle of dressing…endless possibilities

I love using salad dressings to help me produce big flavor with little time and a budget. My current favorite is a certain chain restaurant creamy Italian dressing. I can usually find it on almost any grocery store shelf but I buy the large bottles from a bulk store since my family goes through so much of it. Any bottle of your favorite Italian dressing from creamy to zesty will work for these recipes though. You can also make your own, and I have included my favorite homemade recipe as well.... more

Budget and taste friendly salmon

I have written before about how canned meat gets a bad reputation. Other than tuna salad sandwiches, deviled ham sandwiches and tuna noodle casserole many don’t understand the convenience and versatility that canned meats (chicken, salmon, tuna, beef) can give them.... more


Comfort food for spring

Well, most food bloggers, columnists and magazines are focusing on lighter fair for spring….but not this writer.... more


4.5.23 News & Views

4.5 News & Views... more


It Takes a Village

In life, marriage and raising kids you want to surround yourself with people who cheer for you, lift you up and watch your back. This is sound advice and in the last few weeks (not for the first time) my family has been so incredibly grateful for the community that has done just this for us.... more


No bad news isn’t the same as no news at all

Well, it was a close one this week folks, we almost didn’t have any news to print! ... more


Letter to the Editor-Technical Trade Skills

Technical trade skills. They are not in competition with the agricultural sector. Quite the opposite – they complement each other, especially in rural Wyoming.... more


Molasses adds flavor and nutrition

Molasses is one of my favorite ingredients for dishes. It contributes sweetness and depth of flavor and is a good source of several hard to get vitamins and minerals of manganese, magnesium, copper, vitamin B-6, selenium, potassium, iron and calcium.... more


Letter to the Editor

Dear Citizens of Lusk, you have a group of children that are in need of your help. ... more