Public Notice No. 5257



Public Notice

MAY 7, 2019
The Town Council of the Town of Lusk met in regular session at 5:00 p.m. in the Council Chambers of Town Hall on Tuesday May 7, 2019.
Council Members Present:    Mayor Doug Lytle, Council Members Rebecca Blackburn, Calvin Carstensen, Tom Dooper, and Dean Nelson    
Also Present: Linda Frye, Clerk/Treasurer, Cassandra Matney, Deputy Clerk, Todd Skrukrud, Director of Public Works, Dennis Meier, Town Attorney, Bo Krein, Chief of Police, Officer Jay Owren, James Santistevan, Parks/Cemetery, Emergency Management, Doug Jergenson, Animal Control, John Eddy, Water/Sewer Superintendent, Cory Wilcox, Shop Mechanic/EMT Director, Royce Thompson, Electric Superintendent/Airport Manager
MAYOR Lytle called the meeting to order at 5:00 PM.
Xavier Munoz led everyone in the Pledge of Allegiance.
AFLAC    Payroll Deduction    $        618.62
Allbright’s True Value    Supplies/Maint./Repairs    $     1,275.55
ALSCO/American Linen    Mat Rental    $        150.84
BankCard Center    Postage/Supplies/Homeland Security/
    Repairs/New Equip./Support    $     7,207.94
Barco Municipal Prod.    Park Supplies    $        408.11
Blue Cross Blue Shield    Insurance    $   28,836.41
Body Builders Body Shop    Vehicle Maintenance/Equipment Repairs    $        175.00
Carrot-Top Industries    Parks Parts & Supplies    $        382.26
Caselle    Contract Support    $     2,200.00
Casper Fire Extinguisher    Shop Maintenance/Airport Supplies    $        128.00
Century Link    Phone Bill; Long Distance    $          36.81
Champs Exteriors    Building Maintenance    $        700.00
C&H Tire    Vehicle Repairs/New Equipment    $     1,792.92
Connecting Point    Copier Lease    $          86.00
CPO Wyoming    Swimming Pool Training    $        325.00
Doyle J. Davies    Municipal Judge    $     1,000.00
Decker’s Food Center    Supplies/Maintenance/Ambulance Meal    $        109.90
Delta Dental Plan    Employee Paid Insurance    $        673.20
Emergency Medical Products Inc.    Ambulance Supplies    $     1,184.75
Geographic Innovations    Cemetery Maintenance    $        650.00
Great American Financial    Copier Lease    $        491.00
Great Western Trust Co.    WRS 457 Plan Deferred Comp    $        200.00
Rothenbuehler, Heidi    Office Computer Support    $          60.00
Hawkins, Inc.    Chlorine    $        806.14
Frank Parts Company    Parts/Supplies/Vehicle Repair/
    Snow Removal/Equipment Repair    $     4,809.66
Herren Bros. True Value    Misc./Supplies/Building Maintenance    $     1,611.90
Hiway Super Service    Fuel/Vehicle Maintenance    $     2,308.78
International Institute of
Municipal Clerks    Dues & Fees Clerk & Deputy Clerk    $        330.00
Industrial Safety Equipment LLC    Landfill Closure    $     1,577.31
Interstate Batteries    Ambulance Equipment Repair    $        172.14
Jergenson, Doug    Animal Control Salary    $        900.00
Jirdon Agri Chemicals    Parks/Cemetery Fertilizer    $   13,810.83
John Deere Financial    Golf Course New Equipment    $        619.37
Meier Building    Monthly P.D. Rent    $        800.00
KGOS-AM/KERM-FM    Public Relations Advertising    $        135.00
Black Hills Energy    Gas Service    $        804.27
Border State Industries    Electric New Equipment    $          37.56
Kurtzer’s    Parks Parts & Supplies    $        393.95

Law Enforcement Systems    PD Office Support & Maintenance    $        101.00
Lusk Herald    Advertising    $     3,879.57
Lusk Lodging Tax    Lodging Tax    $     4,054.24
MBKEM Enterprise    Ambulance Barn Maintenance    $     1,691.00
Meier Law Office    Monthly Retainer    $     3,000.00
Midland Implement Co.    Cemetery Equipment Repair    $        741.74
Western States Asphalt    Sealing Chips/Blacktop/Gravel    $     8,443.75
Nio. County Weed & Pest    Parks Parts & Supplies    $        100.00
Niobrara Chamber of Commerce    Promotion    $        187.50
Niobrara Hospital Dist.    Supplies/Training/Meeting/Instruction    $        297.77
Niobrara County Library    Internet Service    $        250.00
Niobrara County Treasurer    Communications Contract    $     6,301.50
Nio. Electric Assoc.    Landfill Utilities/Parts & Supplies    $        997.55
Normont Equipment    New Equipment/Vehicle Repair    $     1,624.40
Northwest Pipe    Maintenance Repairs    $     2,081.81
One Call of Wyoming    Dig Tickets    $          22.50
Whitaker Oil, Inc.    Fuel and Oil    $     4,754.95
Pitney Bowes Global Financial    Leasing Charges    $        219.90
Pitney Bowes Purchase Power    Postage    $        520.99
Pizza Place    Ambulance Meals/Fire Dept. Training    $        161.95
Post, Jerry    Pre-Employment Examination    $        800.00
Century Link    Phones/Internet    $     1,334.96
Ranchers Feed & Supply    Snow Removal    $        215.60
Rawhide Drug Co.    Supplies    $        594.24
Respond First Aid    Supplies    $        447.52
Safety-Kleen Systems    Shop Supplies    $        199.00
Simplot Partners    Golf Course Seed & Fertilizer    $     3,524.00
TDS Trash Collection    Transfer Station Tipping Fees    $     4,065.16
Torrington Office Supply    Supplies    $        204.85
Underground Enterprises    Transfer Station Hauling Fee    $     1,875.00
Valley Motor Supply    Supplies/Vehicle Repair    $        503.23
Verizon Wireless    PD & Ambulance Cell Phone    $        325.42
Visionary Communications    Fire Dept. Misc. Internet    $          92.74
Wyoming Office State Lands &
Investment    Sanitation Debt Service    $   21,885.75
WMPA    Electrical Power Purchase    $ 120,298.35
Walt’s Lathe & Machine    Equipment Repair/Supplies    $        357.87
WAM/WCCA    Lease Payment    $     1,611.55
Western Medical Management    Ambulance Billing    $        239.73
Wyoming Dept. of Agriculture    Food License    $          50.00
Wyoming Dept. Revenue    Wyoming Sales Tax     $     5,557.23
Wyoming Dept. of Transportation    General Government Advertising    $          30.00
Wyoming Law
Enforcement Academy    Police Department Training    $     1,555.00
Wyoming Machinery    Equipment Repair/Snow Removal    $        601.54
Wyoming Public Health    Quarterly Water Samples    $          48.00
Wyoming Dept. of
Workforce Services    Workers Comp    $     1,897.62
Wyoming Retirement    Government Contribution    $   12,551.05
    Total Vouchers    $ 298,106.75
Linda Frye    Mileage & Per Diem    $        285.64
Calvin Carstensen    Per Diem    $          55.00
Dean Nelson    Mileage & Per Diem    $        175.64
Joseph Burns    Mileage & Per Diem    $        181.40
Charles Hobbs    Purchase of Dumpster    $        200.00
John Eddy    Per Diem    $          19.00
Rory Norberg    Per Diem    $          19.00
Bo Krein    Per Diem    $        220.00
Lusk Post Office    Utility Billing    $        219.24
Wyoming Dept. of Transportation    Transfer of License Plate/Police Department    $            2.00
Royce Thompson    Per Diem    $          19.00
Pete Kruse    Per Diem    $          19.00
Mac Erickson    Hole Marker Stones/
    Extra Design/Sandblasting    $   13,400.00
Rhonda Tollman    Per Diem and Hotel Reimbursement    $        256.59
    Total    $   15,071.51
COUNCIL MEMBER CARSTENSEN MOVED, COUNCIL MEMBER DOOPER SECOND, to approve the Treasurer’s report that includes the financial condition and manual checks. MOTION CARRIED. The Treasurer’s report will be filed for audit.
COUNCIL MEMBER BLACKBURN MOVED, COUNCIL MEMBER NELSON SECOND, to approve the minutes of the Regular Council Meeting held April 2, 2019 and the Budget Workshop & Special Meeting held April 26, 2019. MOTION CARRIED.
Martha Bridge Lusk Center Coordinator/Teacher and Xavier Munoz former student from Wyoming Child & Family Development attended the Council meeting to thank the Council for their past support. Mrs. Bridge gave information on the programs offered and what they do. COUNCIL MEMBER DOOPER MOVED, SECOND BY COUNCIL MEMBER NELSON, to approve $1,000.00 for fees to the Wyoming Child & Family. MOTION CARRIED.
Lori Himes, Verlene Matney and Monica Wilcox attended the Council meeting to request support for the 2nd Annual EMS Benefit Carnival. The Benefit will be held Saturday August 24th 10:00 a.m. to Midnight. The committee is asking permission to use the parking lot next to the Public Works building. They will also be applying for an open container permit and would like to block Second Street from Elm Street to Main Street.
The department heads gave updates on their respective departments:
Royce Thompson reported that he and Pete Kruse are working on changing out street light poles and had a conference call on the rate study for the electric department. The presentation for the rate study will be sometime in June or July. Royce and Pete attended a training on the “bird dog” equipment which was purchased by WMPA and is used to test CT’s, meters, and transformers to make sure the equipment is accurate. Royce met with the WYDOT Engineers for the WYOLINK Tower that will possibly go on water tank hill. Todd will contact Nathan Smolinski and request a contract.
James Santistevan informed the Council of a grant for the Emergency Management that is 50/50. This would help with items such as training, equipment, wages, etc. already in the budget. The Town instructed James to apply for the grant.
John Eddy has been busy putting in services and working at the hospitality house trying to get those services up and going. They will fill the pool sometime this month. The Fire Department sent four (4) guys to Cody for training, and they also had their annual fire refresher with the County and fifty-four (54) guys attended.
Cory Wilcox Ambulance Director stated that four (4) people tested in Casper and that two (2) had passed and two (2) others will do a retake. The annual inspection on the Ambulances from the state will be this coming week.
Doug Jergenson stated that the materials are here for the awning for the animal shelter. There will also be some trees planted.
Chief Krein informed the Council that they  initiated sexual assault response team and will make sure they are providing services here, applied for a Homeland Security grant to put cameras in both schools, Chief Krein will meet with the school board on Monday about hiring a School Resource Officer, and a new officer Joe Burns is at the academy. They met with Tom Osborne today who initiated the “TeamMates” program to mentor young youth to increase graduation rates, which the Police Department would support with the school.
Todd Skrukrud reported that the new tee markers are here that were purchase by donors and when weather permits the Town crew will set them. New signs have been purchased in conjunction with the Chamber. The properties in the Hazard Mitigation Grant Project Acquisition are ready for seeding and the last two properties have a scheduled close date of Thursday May 9th at 2:00 p.m. Town cleanup for Utility customers will be May 17th through May 25th and the transfer station will be open 9:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. The purchase of the Bradford Swenson property has been extended until June 15th. Todd is putting together a meeting with Lorraine Werner from USDA for May 17th at 10:00 a.m. and has a call into her to confirm that date and time. The old bridge has been straightened out and will be put at the second crossing. Todd is in contact with people for the building of a new bridge.
Old Business:
Mayor Lytle presented the 2019 – 2020 on second reading. Revenues are $5,753,947.00, expenditures $5,753,791.00, making a difference of $156.00. COUNCIL MEMBER BLACKBURN MOVED, COUNCIL MEMBER CARSTENSEN SECOND, to approve the 2019 – 2020 budget on second reading. MOTION CARRIED.
The Town received an email from Heather Goddard Editor of The Lusk Herald stating that they are giving notice of the decision not to extend their lease and will vacate the building by May 31, 2019.
New Business:
There were four (4) livestock permits up for renewal. COUNCIL MEMBER DOOPER MOVED, SECOND BY COUNCIL MEMBER CARSTENSEN, to approve the renewal of livestock permits for Cody Thompson, Jason & Becky Blackburn, Camden Fitzwater and Michael Fitzwater. COUNCIL MEMBER BLACKBURN ABSTAINED from voting on the Jason and Becky Blackburn livestock permit. MOTION CARRIED.
The Council discussed the Addendum to Listing Contract received from Clark & Associates Broker Tandy Dockery. Mayor Lytle asked for a motion to approve the listing contract. This failed due to lack of a motion. The Town will not list the property.
COUNCIL MEMBER BLACKBURN MOVED, SECOND BY COUNCIL MEMBER DOOPER, to approve Linda Frye to be the voting delegate for the WAM Annual Summer Convention. MOTION CARRIED.
The WAM Annual Convention Resolutions were tabled until the next meeting so the Council can review them.
COUNCIL MEMBER NELSON MOVED, SECOND BY COUNCIL MEMBER BLACKBURN, to approve Ordinance No. 6-5-190, An Ordinance Amending Existing Ordinance 6-5-190 to Include a Subsection (e) Prohibiting Use of Compression Brakes within the Town Limits of Lusk, Wyoming; Declaring the Same to be Breach of the Peace; and Providing an Exception to this Ordinance on first reading. MOTION CARRIED.
Chief Krein gave the Council a copy of a Memorandum of Understanding between the Lusk Police Department and the Niobrara County Sheriff Office. Mayor Lytle would like to table this until the Council could read over it. Chief Krein gave information on the purpose of the MOU and Town Attorney Meier elaborated on it. COUNCIL MEMBER DOOPER MOVED, SECOND BY COUNCIL MEMBER BLACKBURN, to approve the MOU between the Lusk Police Department and the Niobrara County Sheriff’s Office. MAYOR LYTLE OPPOSED. MOTION CARRIED.
COUNCIL MEMBER BLACKBURN MOVED, SECOND BY COUNCIL MEMBER CARSTENSEN, to approve Ordinance No. 9-10-180, An Ordinance Amending Existing Ordinance 9-10-180 to Define “Cruelty to Animals” and to Grant Authority to the Animal Control Officer in Removing, Sheltering and Caring for Such animals and Euthanizing Suffering Animals with Severe Injuries or Disease on first reading. MOTION CARRIED.
The Council reviewed Ordinances Nos. 9-5-100, 9-5-150, 9-5-180, 9-5-190, 9-5-220, and 9-5-270. Council Member Carstensen asked about Ordinance No. 9-5-180, Dogs off Premises to be on Lease. It states, “…while away from the premises of owner or custodian, is controlled by a leash or chain not more than eight feet in length held and controlled by the owner or custodian of the dog or is being controlled by an electronic device by the owner or custodian of the dog”. Council Member Carstensen asked if there shouldn’t be a distance for the electronic device. Council Member Nelson stated that he is not in favor of shock collar because he believes that they are not in control. Chief Krein explained the changes in each of the ordinances. After a brief discussion, COUNCIL MEMBER BLACKBURN MOVED, SECOND BY COUNCIL MEMBER DOOPER, to approve Ordinances Nos. 9-5-100, 9-5-150, 9-5-180, 9-5-190, 9-5-220 on first reading. MOTION CARRIED. On the second reading the Council is requesting a distance on the electronic device.
A work session is scheduled for May 17th at 10:00 a.m. with AVI Engineers, Lorraine Werner USDA Rural Development, and Child Care Committee to present to the Council.
The next regular meeting will be Tuesday June 4, 2019 at 5:00 p.m. and work session on May 17th.
James Kruse has scheduled a meeting on Thursday May 9th to discuss the EPA’s Brownfields and Land Revitalization Program.
There being no further business to come before the Council, the meeting was adjourned at 7:10 p.m.
Douglas E. Lytle, Mayor
Linda M. Frye, Clerk/Treasurer
Public Notice No. 5257. Published in The Lusk Herald on May 15, 2019.