Public Notice No. 5320



public Notice


Pursuant to Wyoming Statute 18.3.516(b)(i) relating to publication requirements for local government,  the name, position and gross monthly salary of each full-time employee and each elected official. All salaries are listed as gross monthly salaries or actual monthly wages (* the actual monthly wages are calculated for employees paid hourly by taking their budgeted annual salary and dividing by 12) and do not include any fringe benefits such as health insurance costs, life insurance benefits and pension plans. These salaries do not include any overtime that the employee may earn which would be paid by the county.
Name    Department          Gross Salary or
        Actual Monthly Wage*
Elaine Griffith    Commissioner    $1,474.85
Midkiff, John P.    Commissioner Vice-Chair    $1,474.85
Wade, Patrick H.    Commissioner Chair    $1,474.85
Barnsdale, Alyssa L.    Deputy Co. Clerk    $2,061.15
Freeman, Rebecca L.    County Clerk    $5,012.41
Baldwin, Stephanie    Deputy Treasurer    $2,001.66
Justice, Adrianne M.    Deputy Treasurer    $2,001.66
Thompson, Keri S.    Treasurer    $5,012.41
Himes, Lori     Deputy Assessor    $2,018.22
Martin, Andy    Deputy Assessor    $2,291.68

Stephens, Teri Lynne    Assessor    $5,012.41
Clark, Ashley L.    Deputy Sheriff    $3,598.16
Dean, Kelly L.    Deputy Sheriff    $3,598.16
Dutcher, Wendi S.    Deputy Sheriff    $3,598.16
Gill, Cary J.    Sheriff    $5,012.41
Santistevan, Gail A    Sheriff Secretary    $3,177.60
Blackburn, Rebecca Ann    Co. Attorney Secretary    $2,174.17
Davies, Doyle J.    Deputy County Attorney    $3,279.81
Wasserburger, Anne K.    County Attorney    $5,150.40
Applegarth, Erin M.    Dispatch FTO    $2,933.67
Burnitt, Michael W.    Dispatcher    $2,712.67
Hite, Jaclynn E.    Dispatcher    $2,712.67
McGregor, Lindsey    Dispatcher    $2,712.67
Stensaas, Randy C E    Dispatcher    $2,712.67
Stone, Larry D.    Dispatch Supervisor    $3,176.11
Pier, Peter William    Coroner    $1,103.66
Smith, Erin E.    Extension Secretary    $2,140.02
Lund, Chrisanna K.    Clerk of District Court    $5,012.41
Pruitt, Amanda M.    Deputy Clerk of Court    $2,386.00
Miller, Dale B.    Road & Bridge Operator    $3,284.80
Pullis, Leonard O.    Road & Bridge Operator    $2,625.74
Sturgeon, Kirk T.    Road & Bridge Operator    $3,446.84
Syrovatka, Alvin D.    Road & Bridge Operator    $2,433.60
Thomas, Freddie  III    Road & Bridge Foreman    $4,179.80
Thurston, Colby M.    Road & Bridge Operator    $2,625.74
Williams, Terry A.    Road & Bridge Operator    $2,625.74
Applegarth, Daniel J.    Detention Officer    $3,598.16
Calderon, Denise L.    Detention Officer    $3,598.16
Frye, James    Detention Officer    $3,598.16
Mazac, Rosie Jean    Detention Officer    $3,598.16
Riter, Gwendolyn L.    Detention Lieutenant    $4,054.23
Steward, Kerry J.    Prevention Specialist    $4,583.33

Public Notice No. 5320. Publish in The Lusk Herald on September 11, 2019.