Public Notice No. 5432


The  County Commissioners’ meeting was called to order on this date at 9:01 a.m. with Chairman Patrick H. Wade, Vice-Chair John Midkiff, Commissioner Elaine Griffith, and County Clerk Becky L. Freeman, present.   
Chairman Wade led the group in the Pledge of Allegiance.
Road and Bridge- Foreman Fred Thomas met with the Commissioners via phone to discuss road and bridge business.   
He noted that everyone is out blading and trying to get culverts and auto gates cleaned.     
The 2019 Road Rehabilitation project on Cheyenne River Road is done.  
He said he has not received any updates from BenchMark of Torrington on the easements with the State.
 Contractor’s Pay Request- Vice Chairman Midkiff moved to approve pay request #2 for Timberline Services, Inc. for the 2019 Road Rehabilitation Project for $159,455.97.  Commissioner Griffith seconded, motion carried.   
Courthouse, Fairgrounds, Library and Sheriff’s Department Closures- Commissioner Griffith moved to extend the closure of courthouse, fairgrounds, library, sheriff’s department to the public through April 30, 2020 pursuant to Governor Gordon’s 3rd Order.  Vice-Chairman Midkiff seconded, motion carried.

County Attorney- County Attorney Anne Wasserburger met with the Commissioners by phone to discuss county business.  
 Interagency Agreement between the Secretary of State and Niobrara County – Commissioner Griffith moved to authorize County Clerk Becky Freeman to sign the interagency agreement between the Wyoming Secretary of State and Niobrara County as it pertains to election equipment.  Vice-Chairman Midkiff seconded, motion carried.   
Outdoor Painting at Fairgrounds- Vice-Chairman Midkiff said that Matt Jameson had asked him about finishing the exterior painting of the auditorium at fairgrounds.  The Commissioners thought it was a good idea to have him do this.  Vice-Chairman Midkiff moved to authorize Matt Jameson to paint the exterior of the auditorium at the fairgrounds.  Commissioner Griffith seconded, motion carried.
Consent Agenda- Commissioner Griffith moved to approve the consent agenda. Vice-Chairman Midkiff seconded, motion carried.  Items on the consent agenda were the minutes of the March 17, 2020 meeting, receipts for the month of March from the County Clerk for $3,344.19; from the Sheriff for $930.00; from the Clerk of District Court for $449.00; from the Public Health Nurse for $302.15 and a tax roll supplement on Chesapeake Operating, Inc. from the 2012 and 2013 tax years in the amount of $7,437.04.
Payroll and the following vouchers were approved for payment: Aflac- Supplemental insurance- $8999.96; Alsco- Shop towels & coveralls- $213.97; Anne Wasserburger- Supplies- $302.99; Barnes Law- Court appointed attorney- $30.70; BenchMark of Torrington- Engineering fees- $1354.00; Benzel Pest Control- Pest control- $97.00; Black Hills Chemical and Janitorial- Supplies- $1007.23; Black Hills Energy- Utilities- $1979.95; Blue Cross Blue Shield of Wyoming- Health insurance- $18522.00; Bob Barker Co., Inc.- Supplies- $490.08; Boldon Diesel Service- Parts- $87.98; Boldon Welding & Repair- Equipment repairs- $426.92; Canon Financial Services, Inc.- Copier service agreement- $760.00; Cathcart Fire & Safety- Fire extinguisher inspection at road & bridge and new equipment- $1605.00; CenturyLink- Telephones- $1432.47; CenturyLink Business- Telephones- $78.46; Connecting Point Computer Centers- Copier service agreements- $443.43; Cory Wilcox- Deputy coroner- $100.00; Dale’s Tire & Retreading, Inc.- Tires- $4816.80; Decker’s Market- Supplies, inmate meals- $63.93; Delta Dental of WY- Dental insurance- $1102.25; Dennis C. Meier- Office rent- $1000.00; Double A Properties, LLC.- County Attorney office rent- $1000.00; Falen Law Offices- Natural Resource Plan update- $1490.00; Frank Parts Co.- Parts- $181.66; Fusion Cloud Service- Telephone- $908.26; Geographic Innovations- Professional mapping- $1300.00; Goshen County Sheriff’s Office- Inmate housing- $1595.00; Great West Trust Co., LLC.- Deferred Comp.- $18530.00; Great American Financial Svcs.- Copier service agreement- $380.00; Herbert K. Doby- Court appointed attorney- $20.00; Hiway Brake & Alignment- Vehicle repairs- $75.33; Hometown Country- Uniforms- $15.00; Honnen Equipment Co.- Parts- $1791.59; James Santistevan- New equipment- $84.58; Jameson Cleaning & Maintenance, LLC.- Fairgrounds cleaning contract- $6800.00; John Midkiff- Travel expense- $518.65; Johnson Controls- Final payment on HVAC upgrade at jail- $4063.50; Jub Jub, Inc.- I T expense April – June- $90.00; Kath Broadcasting- Prevention service implementation- $440.00; Kerry Steward- Telephone and public service implementation- $39.63; Leonard Pullis- Parts- $182.06; Lusk Herald- Publications- $2164.60; MasterCard- Travel expense, computer expense, new equipment, supplies, schools, postage- $6662.88; Miller Construction- Building repairs at courthouse and library- $1597.50: Niobrara County Assessor- Computer expense, supplies, vehicle repairs- $33.69; Niobrara County Hospital District- Inmate medical and 1% tax- $44394.84; Niobrara County Library- Deferred comp- $1725.00; Niobrara County Public Health- Prevention grant management- $453.21; Niobrara County Sheriff’s Office- Dues, postage- $18.35; Niobrara Electric Association- radio tower billing and justice center maintenance- $197.28; NMC, Inc.- Balance due from portable heater rental- $28.42; Office Depot- Supplies- $718.97; Office of State Lands & Investments- Radio tower lease- $969.20; Office of the State Public Defender- Public defender fees- $6249.05; Pacific Steel & Recycling- Parts- $793.49; Pine Ridge Enterprises, LLC.- Courthouse cleaning contract- $4700.00; Rancher’s Feed & Supply- Supplies- $373.69; Rawhide Drug Company- Inmate medical- $197.57; Scott Smith- Pay request #1 for court security upgrades at circuit court- $12000.00; Slafter Oil- Oil- $1850.15; Sylvestri Customization- I T expense- $100.00; Thomson Reuters-West- Law library- 154.50; Timberline Services, Inc.- Pay request #2 on 2019 Road Rehab Project- $159455.97; Torrington Office Supply- Supplies- $59.14; Town of Lusk- Utilities- $3013.43; Tyler Technologies- Computer expense- $82.69; UW Extension- UW Car expense- $146.25; Valley Motor- Parts- $478.34; Verizon Wireless- Telephones- $392.67; Visionary Broadband- I T Expense- $530.34; Wal Mart- Supplies- $564.92; Walt’s Lathe & Machine- Parts- $1061.82; Westco- Diesel- $8258.61; Whitaker Oil- Fuel- $2329.40; WY Dept. of Health- Medical Supplies- $79.00; Wyoming Child & Family Development- Annual support- $1000.00; Wyoming Law Enforcement Academy- Schools- $1484.50; Wyoming Machinery Co.- Parts- $2391.59; Wyoming Network, Inc.- I T Expense- $200.00; Wyoming Women’s Center- Inmate meals- $2749.33; Xerox Corp.- Copier service agreement- $134.65  Grand Total- $307061.21
There being no further business, the meeting adjourned.

Patrick H. Wade, Chairman
Becky L. Freeman, Clerk
Public Notice No. 5432. Published in The Lusk Herald on April 29, 2020.