Public Notice No. 5438


MAY 6, 2020
The Town Council of the Town of Lusk met in regular session at 5:00 p.m. in the Council Chambers of Town Hall on Wednesday May 6, 2020.
Council Members Present:     Mayor Doug Lytle, Council Members Calvin Carstensen, Tom Dooper, and Dean Nelson
Absent:    Council Members Rebecca Blackburn            
Also Present:            Linda Frye, Clerk/Treasurer
                Cassandra Matney, Deputy Clerk
                Todd Skrukrud, Director of Public Works
                Dennis Meier, Town Attorney
                Chief of Police Bo Krein
                Royce Thompson, Electric Supervisor/Airport Manager        
MAYOR LYTLE called the meeting to order.
Royce Thompson led everyone in the Pledge of Allegiance.
The Town broadcast the meeting via Zoom and the Moderator is Cassandra Matney.    
VOUCHERS FOR PAYMENT                                
AFLAC                    Payroll Deduction            $599.78
ALSCO/American Linen            Mat Rental                $156.58
AVI PC Engineering                Engineering Fees            $3,050.80
BankCard Center                Postage/Supplies/Office Support/
                        Elections/ New Equipment        $761.54
Bloomers                    General Misc.                $50.95
Blue Line Custom Vinyls            Police Dept. Vehicle Repair        $300.00
CNA Surety                    Bond Fee                $450.00
Cagle, Elliott                    Utility Deposit Refund        $15.29
Caselle Inc.                    Office Support Software        $1,100.00
Century Link Business            Long Distance Phone            $27.01
C&H Tire                    Vehicle Repairs/Misc.            $829.96
Clark, Levi & Ashley                Reimbursement Rec. Dept.        $20.00
Doyle J. Davies                Municipal Judge            $1,000.00
Decker’s Food Center                Supplies                $64.30
Delta Dental Plan                Employee Paid Insurance        $673.20
Emergency Medical Products Inc.        Ambulance Supplies            $1,722.30
Energy Laboratories Inc.            Water Samples            $100.00
Fairbanks Scales, Inc.                Sanitation Parts and Supplies        $104.94
Fired Up Rescue                Scuba Compressor Testing        $440.00
Garrison, Amanda                Utility Deposit Refund        $23.43
Great American Financial Svcs        Copier Lease                $463.00
Great West Trust Co                 WRS 457 Plan Deferred        $200.00
Heartland Embroidery                Police Dept. Uniforms        $354.00
Franks Parts Company            Parts/Repairs/Misc./Supplies        $1,941.74
Heth, Heather                    Reimbursement Rec. Dept.        $40.00
Honnen Equipment                Equipment Repair            $1,788.45
International Institute                Dues and Fees                $330.00
Ideal Linen/Bluffs                Supplies                $237.97
Interstate Batteries                Equipment/Vehicle Repairs        $949.60

Jergenson, Doug                Monthly Wage Animal Control    $900.00
Jirdon Agri Chemicals            Fertilizer                $2,119.69
John Deere Financial                Golf Course New Equipment        $619.37
Meier Building                Monthly P.D. Rent            $800.00
Black Hills Energy                Gas Service                $781.77
Lowe, Bernice                    Election Judge                $36.00
Lusk Herald                    Advertising                $5,557.09
Matheson Tri-Gas Inc.            Ambulance Supplies            $353.57
Meier Law Office                Monthly Retainer            $3,000.00
Midland Implement                Equipment Repair            $855.46
Miller, Katelynn                Ambulance Reimbursement        $34.78
Niobrara County Weed & Pest        Fertilizer                $209.00
Niobrara Chamber of Commerce        Promotion                $187.50
Niobrara Hospital District            Pre-employment Physical        $100.00
Niobrara County Library            Internet Service            $250.00
Niobrara County Treasurer             Communications Contract        $6,301.50
Nio. Electric Assoc.                Landfill Utilities            $41.98
Northwest Pipe Fittings            Parts & Supplies            $547.49
Whitaker Oil, Inc.                Fuel and Oil                $3,998.84
Pitney Bowes Purchase Power        Postage                $1,041.98
Post, Jerry                    Pre-employment Examination    $400.00
QTPod    Airport                 New Equipment            $12,795.00
Century Link                    Phones/Internet            $1,382.95
R&R Products, Inc.                Golf Course Misc.            $328.22
Ranchers Feed & Supply            Supplies/Supplies/K-9 Food        $680.22
Rawhide Drug Co.                Supplies                $42.24
Scott, Vickie                    Election Judge                $36.00
Squaw Mountain Consulting LLC        Economic Development        $650.00
TDS Trash Collection                Transfer Station Tipping        $4,246.11
Thomas, Nikita                Reimbursement Rec. Dept.        $20.00
Torrington Office                 Supplies                $352.25
Underground Enterprises            Transfer Station Hauling Fee        $1,500.00
USA Blue Book                New Equipment            $113.99
Valley Motor Supply                Equipment Repair/New Equipment    $28.95
Visionary Communications            Fire Dept. Misc. Internet        $92.74
Verizon Wireless            PD, Ambulance & Mayor Cell Phone        $411.90
WY Office State Lands & Investment    Sanitation Loan Payment        $21,885.75
W.E.B.T.                    Employee Life Insurance        $72.25
W.M.P.A.                    Electrical Power Purchase        $113,545.77
WAM/WCCA                    Lease Payment            $1,611.55
Warne Chemical                Equipment Repair            $2,352.45
WestCo                    Fuel & Oil                $1,091.43
West, Vicky                    Election Judge                $36.00
Western Medical Management        Ambulance Billing/Access Fee    $301.07
Western United Electric            Electric Safety Equipment        $56.70
WYO. Assn. of Sheriffs and Chiefs        Dues and Fees                $150.00
WYO. Assoc. of Rural Water System    Training                $1,208.00
Wyoming Dept. of Agriculture        License Renewal            $50.00
Wyoming Dept. of Revenue            Wyoming Sales Tax            $5,932.59
Wyoming Public Health Lab.            Water Samples            $48.00
Wyoming Retirement                Government Contribution        $13,930.21
Wyoming Dept. of Workforce Services    Employee Worker’s Compensation    $1,993.62
Wolfe Communications            New Equipment            $593.50
Blair, Sahvanna                Utility Deposit Refund        $76.82
Total Vouchers $233,547.14
MANUAL CHECKS     April 2020    
Lusk Post Office                Utility Billing                $226.29
Clerk of Circuit Court                Garnishment, Writ of Wages        $288.53
Total $514.82        
COUNCIL MEMBER DOOPER MOVED, COUNCIL MEMBER CARSTENSEN SECOND, to approve the Treasurer’s report that includes the financial condition as amended and manual checks. MOTION CARRIED. The Treasurer’s report will be filed for audit.
COUNCIL MEMBER CARSTENSEN MOVED, COUNCIL MEMBER NELSON SECOND, to approve the minutes of the Council Business Meeting held April 21, 2020. MOTION CARRIED.
Department Updates:
Linda report on the Election held May 5th. There were 315 votes cast. Council Members Nelson and Dooper have retained there Council Seats and the 3% lodging tax past. The office is working on next year’s budget. Mayor Lytle and Linda have been talking about using Capital Improvement money for revenue in the budget and how to pay off the USDA loan.
Todd gave an update on the easement with the State on the WYOLINK Tower. The Town is waiting on survey information. Attorney Meier is working on the easements in Frontier Village for the electric underground the Town wants to do this summer. The pool start up is moving ahead as planned for Memorial Day weekend until further notice. Departments are working on the parks with gravel being put around the concession stand, working on playground equipment and a water heater in the bathroom at Washington Park. The building at the Airport is being removed to make way for a new Terminal/Hanger building. Weather permitting the Town will be cleaning the sidewalks downtown. A “Clean-Up” week will be the first week in June starting on Monday June 1st.
Old Business:
The Council was presented with the Pasture Lease contract between the Town and C & W Land and Livestock, L.L.C. The lease was approved at the last meeting and just needed the Mayor’s signature.
Mayor Lytle read the revenues of $6,150,000 and expenditures of $6,225,090.50 on the second reading of the 2020-2021 fiscal year budget. COUNCIL MEMBER CARSTENSEN MOVED, SECOND BY COUNCIL MEMBER NELSON, to approve the 2020-2021 fiscal year budget on second reading. MOTION CARRIED.
There was a discussion on the swimming pool rates that the Town discussed at the last meeting when they decided to go with Lingle rates. Mayor Lytle stated that to go with Lingle’s rates is a large increase. Heather Goddard and Barbara Cushman gave input on the rates. It was reiterated that 6 years and under are free. The final rates decided on are, annual family pass for four (4) living in the same house $150.00 and each additional child over the age of six (6) $25.00, annual single pass $75.00, daily rate K-12 $2.50, Adult $3.50. Todd will talk to Pool Manager Barbara Cushman on the swimming lessons.
A clarification was requested on the Golf Course Memberships. Mayor Lytle stated that couple means “married”. There was a discussion on the Senior 62+ and if one spouse was 62+ and the other spouse was under 62, should the rate be $50.00 less. It was decided that the couple rate was already getting a discount, so no other discount would be given. The rates are as follows, Single $400.00, Couples $600.00, Senior 62+ $350.00, Student over 6 years K-12 $50.00, College Student $125.00, 9 hole 10 punch card $135.00, children under 6 years of age are free, and Trail Fees $125.00. If payments are not received by May 1st golfers will need to pay green fees to golf.
Barbara Cushman requested clarification on employees and families of swimming pool staff if they should be charged to swim. Town Attorney Meier stated that it is considered compensation and they would need to be taxed on that amount. Linda stated it would show on their W-2 form and be reported to the IRS.
New Business:
Mayor Lytle gave information on the Airport Bids for the new Hangar/Terminal Building. The low bid was received from Richardson Construction of Cheyenne, Wyoming in the amount of $735,682.50. COUNCIL MEMBER CARSTENSEN MOVED, SECOND BY COUNCIL MEMBER DOOPER, to approve Resolution No. 20-9, A Resolution of the Governing Body of the Town of Lusk, Wyoming Approving the Recommendation of M.C. Schaff & Associates, Inc. to Accept the Bid of Richardson Construction, Cheyenne, Wyoming FAA AIP Project No. 3-56-0018-015-2020/WYDOT Project ALS002A, New Hangar/Terminal Building at the Lusk Municipal Airport. MOTION CARRIED.
The Town received Market Evaluation on the buildings that they own in the Business Park. The duplex building at 1003 W. Eleventh Street which Sandrock Vision occupies has an evaluation of $301,000.00 and the building at 1001 W. Eleventh Street which Fur Country Lures occupies has an evaluation of $150,000.00. The Town will put these buildings up for bid and advertise for three (3) weeks. The sealed bids will be open on May 29th, 2020 at 3:00 p.m. The Town reserves the right to reject any and all bids and request that the purchaser honor the lease of the current occupants. Letters will be sent to the current lessors of the buildings.
COUNCIL MEMBER DOOPER MOVED, COUNCIL MEMBER NELSON SECOND, to approve the Grant of Utility Easement for Kelly Christianson. MOTION CARRIED.
The Council reviewed the ordinances for rate increases. Water and Sanitation rates will be raised 2% plus $2.50, and recycling will go from $2.50 to $5.00 on the base rate, effective after the third reading at the July meeting. Sewer will be raised 1.5% plus $2.50 on the base rate after the third reading at the July meeting.
COUNCIL MEMBER CARSTENSEN MOVED, COUNCIL MEMBER NELSON SECOND, to approve Ordinance No. 11-20-740, an Ordinance Amending Existing Ordinance No. 11-20-740, as Amended, Establishing Water Usage Rates on first reading. Council Member Carstensen asked if the usage minimum was lowered would it have much of an effect on the cost. Todd stated that he thought it would not make that much of a difference. MOTION CARRIED.
COUNCIL MEMBER CARSTENSEN MOVED, COUNCIL MEMBER DOOPER SECOND, to approve Ordinance No. 11-15-410, an Ordinance Amending Existing Ordinance No. 11-15-410, Which Establishes Amended Sewer Rates to Consumers Utilizing the Sewer System of the Town of Lusk on first reading. There was a discussion on the sewer rates during the summer months when you water your lawn. The summer months on sewer rates is an average of the three winter months, so residents are not charged extra for watering their lawn. MOTION CARRIED.
COUNCIL MEMBER DOOPER MOVED, SECOND BY COUNCIL NELSON MEMBER, to approve Ordinance No. 11-5-200, an Ordinance Amending Existing Ordinance No. 11-5-200, as Amended, Establishing Garbage and Refuse Collection Rates and Creating a New and Separate Category for Recycling Rates on first reading. Recycling fees go into the sanitation budget but the expenditures are in the general fund. Mayor Lytle has talked about moving the expenditures into the sanitation budget. Todd stated that if recycling expenditures are moved it would put an extra burden on the sanitation budget. Council Member Nelson asked about the rate that was the residential outside Town limits dumpster. Linda stated that the numbers are incorrect. The Residential, outside Town limits dumpsters should be $33.71, Commercial, in Town limits should be $28.51, Commercial, in Town limits dumpster should be $33.71, and Royal Apartments should be $134.63. MOTION CARRIED with the changes mention.
Mayor Lytle stated that he forgot to have Chief Krein report. Chief Krein gave an update on total calls and arrests. Jason Gill was hired as a new officer. Chief Krein stated that K-9 Loki’s training is going good.
Pool Manager Barbara Cushman had a question on the rent of the pool for parties. The Council inquired about the numbers and cost of parties from the previous year. Mayor Lytle asked the staff it takes for the rentals. The Council decided that the cost for parties would be $100.00 across the board for all parties to be held outside of regular business hours.  
COUNCIL MEMBER NELSON MOVED, SECOND BY COUNCIL MEMBER CARSTENSEN, to convene into Executive Session at 6:10 p.m. for personnel and property matters.  MOTION CARRIED.
The next regular Council meeting will be Tuesday June 2, 2020 at 5:00 p.m.
There being no further business to come before the Council, the meeting was adjourned at 6:22 p.m.
Douglas E. Lytle, Mayor
Linda M. Frye, Clerk/Treasurer
Public Notice No. 5438. Published in The Lusk Herald on May 13, 2020.