Public Notice No. 5552


DECEMBER 1, 2020
Chairman Patrick Wade called the  County Commissioners’ meeting to order December 1, 2020, at 9:00 a.m.  Vice-Chairman John Midkiff,  Commissioner Elaine Griffith, and County Clerk Becky L. Freeman were present.
Chairman Wade led the group in the Pledge of Allegiance.  
The regular meeting recessed into a public hearing at 9:02 a.m. The purpose of the hearing was to receive public comments on retail liquor license renewal applications for Arlene Zerbst Rapp d/b/a Paleo Park and Rex F. Groves d/b/a The Pronghorn Bar.  Clerk Freeman said applications were in order, and the required minimum dollar amount of alcohol had been purchased, as evidenced by the attached receipts.
Retail Liquor License Renewals- Vice-Chairman Midkiff moved to approve to renew the retail liquor licenses for Arlene Zerbst Rapp d/b/a Paleo Park and for Rex F. Groves d/b/a The Pronghorn Bar.  Commissioner Griffith seconded, motion carried.
Road & Bridge- Road and Bridge Foreman Fred Thomas called in to the meeting.     
He discussed the Brown Pit and the upcoming 2020 Winter Road Rehabilitation Project.  He said there would be a pre-bid meeting at the shop on December 8, 2020, at 10:00 a.m.  Bids will be opened during the Commissioner meeting on December 15, 2020.  
He updated them on the status of the current road rehab project.   
Vice-Chairman Midkiff passed on words of appreciation he has received from the public regarding road work.  
 Assessor Teri Stephens met with the Commissioners to discuss IT matters.
Old Business- The Commissioners discussed the historical informational sign for the courthouse.  Commissioner Griffith gave the prices she was quoted for the marble slabs, and due to the expense, the Commissioners chose not to use it in the sign.
Chairman Wade discussed the fair board positions and noted there were two resignations.  He said the Board informed him that they had an interested individual.  The Commissioners thought it would be best to advertise the upcoming vacant positions also.   
Elected Officials & Dept. Heads- Dr. Melanie Pearce, Regional Public Health Nurse Supervisor, James Santistevan, Emergency Management Coordinator, Cary Gill, Sheriff, Teri Stephens, Assessor, and Chrisanna Lund, Clerk of Court, met with the Commissioners to discuss county business and office operations.  Denise E. Smith, Extension Educator, and Keri Thompson, Treasurer, joined the meeting via Zoom.
Dr. Pearce discussed the Prevention Grant and said they are busy collecting data for reports due in January.   
She noted that the Prevention Coordinator’s QPR training was almost done.  The TIPS training had been canceled but is scheduled to be held in December.  
She said the Public Health Nurse is conducting LT101 evaluations and that they have flu vaccines available.   
Dr. Pearce said she is testing people daily for Covid and is averaging one to five people each day.     
She discussed the two COVID vaccines on the market and said Niobrara County should be receiving 25 doses in a couple of weeks.   
Mr. Santistevan said it had been a busy month.  He discussed the Homeland Security Grant for communication improvements for the emergency shelter and Emergency Operation Center located at the fairgrounds during emergencies.
Assessor Stephens said her office has been busy entering information from transfers and fieldwork.  She said Declarations were being mailed out this month.  
Clerk of Court Lund gave a report on the courtroom audio/video upgrades required by the Supreme Court.   
She said there was another order to address the pandemic from the Supreme Court.  There won’t be any jury trials until further notice and more cases heard over the hub.
 Treasurer Thompson said property tax payments were coming in as expected, and her office is busy working on month-end tasks.  
Sheriff Gill asked about carrying over vacation time for an employee and updated them on office operations.    
Mrs. Smith said that construction is beginning in the auditorium and is tentative for their offices next week.  
They have three 4-H Fridays taking place between now and Christmas, and they are busy working on annual reports for UW.
The Commissioners updated the group on the road rehab program, the courthouse sign, and to work safe.
    Resolution 20-17 – Commissioner Griffith moved to adopt Resolution 20-17, A Resolution Declaring The Results Of The One Percent Specific Purpose Sales And Use Excise Tax Election Held Within Niobrara County, Wyoming At The General Election On Tuesday, November 3, 2020.  Vice-Chairman Midkiff seconded, motion carried.  A complete copy of the resolution is on file in the County Clerk’s office and on the County’s website.  
    County Attorney- Attorney Anne Wasserburger met with the Commissioners and discussed grants and the employee handbook.    
Sheriff Cary Gill, Communications Supervisor Larry Stone, and Detention Lieutenant James Frye met with the Commissioners to discuss the CARES Act grants for salary reimbursements and whether or not staff's daily duties had increased significantly as a result of sanitizing the work areas and jail and holding cells due to COVID.  
Resolution 20-18  Vice-Chairman Midkiff moved to approve Resolution 20-18, A Resolution Approving The Official Holidays For County Employees For The Year 2021.

WHEREAS, the Niobrara County Personnel Policy Manual provides for the observance of holidays each year as set by the Niobrara County Board of Commissioners; and
WHEREAS, per Wyoming Statute § 18-3-103 as amended, county officers shall keep their offices open during the usual business hours of each day excluding Saturdays, Sundays, legal holidays and other days as established by the County Commissioners through resolution; and
WHEREAS it is understood that this resolution shall not apply to all county departments as some are required to be in operation continuously.
NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED by the Board of County Commissioners of Niobrara County, Wyoming that the list of holidays and other days as set forth below shall be observed during calendar year 2021 as days off for Niobrara County employees:

        New Year’s Day    January 1, 2021        First Friday in January
        Equality Day        January 18, 2021        Third Monday in January
        Presidents’ Day    February 15, 2021        Third Monday in February
        Good Friday        April 2, 2021            First Friday in April
        Memorial Day        May 31, 2021            Last Monday in May  
        Independence Day    July 5, 2021            First Monday in July
        Labor Day        September 6, 2021        First Monday in September
                Columbus Day    October 11, 2021        Second Monday in October  
    Veterans’ Day          November 11, 2021        Second Thursday in Nov.
    Thanksgiving            November 25, 2021        Fourth Thursday in Nov.
    Employee Appreciation Day    November 26, 2021        Friday after Thanksgiving
    Christmas Eve            December 23, 2021        Fourth Thursday in ovember
    Christmas            December 24, 2021        Fourth Friday in December
    New Year’s Day        December 31, 2021        Last Friday in December
    Approved, passed and adopted this 1st day of December, 2020.
    /s/Patrick Wade, Chairman
    /s/John Midkiff, Vice-Chairman
    /s/ Elaine Griffith, Commissioner
       /s/ Becky L. Freeman, County Clerk
    Resolution 20-19 – Commissioner Griffith moved to approve Resolution 20-19, a Resolution Designating Meeting Dates for the Niobrara County Commissioners for 2021.     WHEREAS, it is the intent of the Niobrara County Commissioners to meet twice each month during Calendar Year 2021, or when it is necessary to meet for the transaction of urgent county business, and; 
    WHEREAS, the meetings shall be conducted during the day at the Commissioners' Chambers in the Niobrara County Courthouse, Lusk, Wyoming, and; 
    WHEREAS, W.S. § 18-3-502 authorizes the County Commissioners to designate such meeting times by resolution of the Board; 
    NOW THEREFORE, be it resolved that the Commissioners of Niobrara County, Wyoming, hereby designate the following Calendar Year 2021 meeting dates:
        Month         1st Meeting             2nd Meeting
        January             5                19
        February             2                16    
        March              2                16
        April                  6                20
        May                  4                18        
        June                1                15       
        July                  6                 20    
        Aug                  3                17  
        September              7                21
        October            5                19    
        November            2                   16
        December            7                21
Approved, Passed and Adopted this 1st day of December, 2020.
                        /s/Patrick Wade, Chairman
                        /s/John Midkiff, Vice-Chair
                        /s/Elaine Griffith, Commissioner
Attest: /s/Becky L. Freeman, County Clerk
Consent Agenda- Vice-Chairman Midkiff moved to approve the consent agenda.  Commissioner Griffith seconded, motion carried.  Items on the consent agenda were the minutes of the November 17, 2020 meeting and receipts for the month of November from the County Clerk for $2,983.90, from the Sheriff for $335.00, from the Clerk of Court for $400.00, and from Public Health for $313.48
TruGreen- Commissioner Griffith moved to renew lawn treatment services for calendar year 2021 with TruGreen for $772.35.   Vice-Chairman Midkiff seconded, motion carried.
Homeland Security Grant- Commissioner Griffith moved to approve a grant award agreement for $8,000.00 between the Wyoming Office of  Homeland Security and Niobrara County, Project ID 20-SHSP-NIO-HRP20, Sept. 1, 2020 – August 31, 2022 CFDA # 67.067 for the purchase of communication equipment to upgrade internet service at the fairgrounds auditorium which is used as the emergency shelter and Emergency Operations Center.  Vice-Chairman Midkiff seconded, motion carried.     
The Commissioners held a brief phone conference with Jeremiah Rieman, Executive Director of the Wyoming County Commissioners Association to discuss CARES Act funding requirements for reimbursement..  
Payroll and the following vouchers were approved for payment:
Allbright's True Value Hardware- $185.22- Supplies- Alsco- $196.93- Shop towels & coveralls- Amanda Dawson- $27.19- Election night help- Amber LaNae Smith- $27.19- Election night help, Anderson Carpet Sales- Inc. - $3,639.68- Justice center maintenance, Anna Foreman - $11.00- Reimburse for postage, Barb DeGering - $192.15- Election judge, Barbara Orr - $165.70- Election judge, Becky Blackburn - $45.44- Reimburse for postage, BenchMark of Torrington P.C. - $2,737.64- Engineering fees, Benzel Pest Control- Inc. - $89.02- Pest control, Beverly J. Miller - $188.00- Election judge, Black Hills Chemical & Janitorial - $333.46- Supplies, Black Hills Energy - $1,397.07- Utilities, Body Builders Body Shop - $262.95- Vehicle repairs, Canon Financial Services- Inc. - $380.00- Copier service agreement, Carla Stroh - $163.40- Election judge, Carmen Shane - $158.00- Election judge, Century Link - $1,372.92- Telephone, Century Link Business Services - $88.88- Telephone, Connecting Point Computer Centers - $334.69- Copier service agreements, Connie Baker - $145.00- Election Judge, Cory Wilcox - $100.00- Deputy coroner, Creative Product Source- Inc. - $191.16- Supplies, Danese Reed - $159.15- Election judge, Decker's Market - $38.78- Supplies, Denise Baars - $161.10- Election judge, Dennis C. Meier - $1,000.00- Office rent, Dept. Of Health - $4,302.88- Reimburse the State for Co share of Public Health Nurse Salary, Double A Properties- LLC. - $1,000.00- Office rent, Elaine Francis - $161.68- Election judge, Election Systems & Software- Inc. - $42.29- Supplies, Falen Law Offices- LLC. - $702.92- Natural resource plan update, Fraiser's Welding - $10,975.00- Auto gates/culverts, Frank Parts Company - $612.46- Parts, Fritz's Septic - $225.00- Equipment repairs/maintenance, Fusion Cloud Services- LLC. - $645.07- Telephone, Geographic Innovations - $1,613.72- Lodging- professional mapping, GreatAmerica Financial Svcs. - $131.05- Copier service agreement, H & H Electric- LLC - $5,382.29- Electrical upgrade for courtroom audio/videos upgrades, Hiway Brake & Alignment - $412.89- Vehicle repairs, Holmes Ranch Excavation LLC. - $3,430.00- Fairgrounds auditorium upgrade- grant- offloading generator & trench digging, J. G. Construction- LLC. - $4,199.25- Fairgrounds auditorium upgrade-grant, Jackie Bredthauer - $135.00- Election judge, Jameson Cleaning & Maintenance- LLC. - $6,800.00- Fairgrounds contract,  Janette Starck - $18.40- Mileage, Jennifer Kottwitz - $197.90- Election judge, JoAnn Wade - $145.00- Election judge, Johnson Controls - $9,290.00- Justice center building/equip maintenance, Julianne Greenough - $145.00- Election judge, JW Services- LLC. - $76,021.98- 2020 Spring Road Rehab pay request #3, Kaden Gaukel - $30.81- Election night help, Karen Gaukel - $149.38- Election judge, Karma Gaukel - $88.81- Election judge, Katie Krein - $109.05- Prevention grant, LeAnn Dixon - $231.25- Election judge, Leslie Stewart - $145.00- Election judge, Lorrie Reed - $145.00- Election judge, Lusk Herald - $2,690.00- Publications, MasterCard- $4,790.94- Supplies, travel, new equipment, computer expense SARS-CoV-2 Molecular Testing grant expense, fuel, medical supplies, postage, Niobrara County Hospital District - $24,549.40- 1% Option tax & inmate medical, Niobrara County Library - $1,725.00- Deferred comp., Niobrara County Public Health - $330.19- Prevention grant indirect costs reimbursement, Niobrara County Sheriff's Office - $6.00- Reimburse for postage, Niobrara Electric Association - $49.40- Radio tower electrical, Ntp Small Engine Services - $4,200.00- SARS-CoV-2 Molecular Testing grant expense, Pam Parmely - $135.00- Election judge, Porter- Muirhead- Cornia- & Howard - $15,000.00- Audit, Rawhide Drug Company - $76.11- Inmate medical, supplies, Safeguard Business Systems - $472.07- Supplies, Schindler Elevator Corporation - $1,563.82- Qtrly maintenance agreement & repairs, Slafter Oil - $737.80- Fuel, Sylvestri Customization - $100.00- Capacity enhancement for Prevention grant, Taten Gaukel - $30.81- Election night help, Teri Bruegger - $161.45- Election judge, Thomson Reuters-West - $154.50- Law library, Toni Gaukel - $36.25- Election night help, Torrington Office Supply - $244.58- Supplies, Town Of Lusk - $2,792.10- Utilities, Traci Bruegger - $4,500.00- Courthouse cleaning contract, TruGreen - $772.35- 1 year lawn treatment, Tyler Technologies - $82.69- Computer expense, UW Extension - $6,205.50- Co. Qtrly share of 4-H educator salary, Valley Motor Supply - $412.55- Parts, Verizon Wireless - $260.09- Cell phones, Vickie Scott - $86.76- Election judge, Visionary Broadband - $530.34- I T expense, Vivian Fahy - $184.68- Election judge, Westco - $4,212.42- Diesel, Whitaker Oil - $2,470.54- Fuel, WY Extension Association
of - $120.00- Dues, Wyoming Law Enforcement Academy - $1,100.00- Schools, Wyoming Lawn Sprinklers - $60.00- Maintenance, Wyoming Machinery Company - $713.09- Parts, Wyoming Network- Inc. - $200.00- I T expense, Wyoming State 4-H Foundation - $100.00- Dues, Wyoming Women's Center - $2,352.22- Inmate meals, Xerox Corporation - $131.60
Grand Total- $225,571.05

There being no further business, the meeting adjourned.

Patrick Wade, Chairman

Becky L. Freeman, County Clerk
Public Notice No. 5552. Published in The Lusk Herald on Dec. 23, 2020.