Letter to the Editor, Nov. 6, 2019

Dear Editor:
We were delighted to read the article on Glenn Hanson’s induction into the Wyoming Cowboy Hall of Fame, as well as Ray Smith’s story in this week’s paper. The dreams, determination and many long days (in the saddle, building fence, developing hay grounds) of men like these made ranches possible in this harsh and unforgiving country, while building a quality life and instilling a love for God and Country in their children and neighborhoods.
Thank you for printing these real-life stories in their entirety.
We, along with our neighbors, recently attended a Niobrara County Commissioner meeting regarding the conditions of the Cheyenne River county road, some 26 miles to Highway 85, the last six miles of which has been graveled one time in history in the late 1970’s. We were treated with courtesy in reviewing and exploring various solutions and appreciate the cooperation we received, including requests for our input on various options which definitely affect our daily work and lives.
Although all three Commissioners reside within about 12 miles (as the crow flies) of the Town of Lusk, one of the Commissioners, John Midkiff, made the effort to come all the way up and review the conditions prior to our meeting. Since we travel 75 miles by the road to Lusk, his effort is familiar to us ... and we do appreciate his time and expense to do so.
We also very much value the grading done by the road maintainer in the absence of gravel, which enables the water to run off the muddy road and keeps the ruts from becoming so deep, making it less treacherous to travel in a passenger vehicle.
In short, we wish to thank the County Commissioner board for representing all the county residents.
Vern and Carolyn Johnson
North Niobrara County


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