How to grow your business in a ramen noodle economy

(BPT) - Ramen noodles have become a reliable barometer of the economy. Think about it: When the going gets tough, noodle sales rise as consumers turn to goods that help them stretch the power of …
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How AWS is empowering global generative AI startups with a $230M commitment

(BPT) - Startups are at the forefront of a revolution, harnessing the transformative power of generative artificial intelligence (AI) to drive innovation like never before. Whether creating images, …
Laws and loopholes still perpetuate school segregation across America
The 74 reports on loopholes, laws and lack of protections allowing Black, brown, low-income students to be excluded from America's most coveted schools.
Every issue with the 2024-25 FAFSA rollout: Updates
BestColleges outlines the problems with the rollout of the 2024-2025 FAFSA and updates on how they are getting solved.
From plumbers to painters: These 10 construction trades employ the most people used Bureau of Labor Statistics data to identify which construction trades employ the most people across the U.S.
As more women are diagnosed with ADHD, here's how their work environment can set them up for success
ADHD impacts women's earning potential and so much more. ADHD Advisor explored unique tips for managing ADHD in various workplace settings.
50 colleges where applications are on the rise compared to pre-COVID
As overall enrollment declines, Numerade analyzed NCES data to determine which colleges are seeing the largest growth in applications.
Is early childhood education ready for AI?
The Hechinger Report provides insights into artificial intelligence trends in early childhood education.

Watching the Games? See How U.S. Army Soldier-athletes Train for Gold

(BPT) - This month, all eyes are on Paris as the world tunes in to watch the top athletes fight for gold.Among those competing on behalf of the United States is an elite group who have chosen to …

New scholarship program aims to meet demand for skilled technicians

(BPT) - Did you know there is an urgent need for nearly 800,000 skilled technicians to enter the American workforce by 2027 in order to meet demand? This pressing shortage has proven challenging to …

5 tips to take the stress out of moving to college

(BPT) - Sponsored by Office Depot OfficeMaxHeading off to college is a major life milestone and an exciting first step toward adulthood. But as anyone who has already started this college process can …

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Study suggests how to improve employee proficiency with AI

(BPT) - Have you set your employees up for success? While you may think you’ve given them all the tools needed to perform proficiently, if generative AI (GenAI) isn’t one of them, …

Beep! A New Shopping Experience is Coming to a Store Near You

(BPT) - Can you imagine (or remember!) how grocery checkout worked before the UPC barcode became commonplace? Clerks read price tags and manually keyed in numbers on cash registers that simply …

Elevating LG’s Global Presence: Strategies for Sustainable Growth

(BPT) - By Thomas Yoon, executive vice president of the Overseas Sales and Marketing Company at LG ElectronicsTo position LG as a leading “Smart Life Solution Company” and ensure …

5 Ways Generative AI Can Help Make Your PDFs Smarter

(BPT) - Just about every new tech comes with the promise of making our lives easier or helping us work faster. But often it feels like the opposite is true. More information and more new tools to …

A bungled FAFSA rollout threatens students' college ambitions

Chalkbeat reports that with college decision deadlines looming, thousands of high school seniors are stuck in limbo due to issues with the rollout of the new Free Application for Federal Student Aid.

Here's how state requirements for school principals compare as the US faces a shortage of qualified educational leaders reviews numerous educational leadership reports to focus on the need for effective principals at schools throughout the U.S.

These are the hardest AP classes to pass

Which AP tests stump students the most? Numerade used data from the College Board to identify the 10 AP courses with the lowest pass rate in 2023.

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(BPT) - For recent high school and college graduates, these life transitions often bring dramatic change — as well as opportunities to learn and grow. As young adults embark on these …
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(Family Features) Most Americans consider high-speed internet an essential household service. Yet in rural America, an estimated 25% of the population doesn't have access to broadband.
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