News & Views 2.22

Variety is sometimes called the spice of life and again we can talk about the weather. It has been wind-free and pleasant some days and down right bitterly cold the next day or so. We were warned this winter would be unusually harsh and this time they got it right. Now, I promise to not mention the weather again.

Seasonal activities at the Niobrara Senior Center included a fun day, observing Valentines Day, with a delightful visit to the diners at lunchtime by the Lusk Elementary School students, who distributed homemade Valentines to every one present, with a chocolate candy attached. On Friday, Bingo players were remembered by the “Senior Center elf” Diane Cannon, who makes charming and clever holiday gifts for those who enjoy that pastime. After lunch, games were enjoyed; pinochle, cribbage, Tripoli, Fast Track, and a cornhole tournament (indoors) on Friday rounded out the week. Pinochle card games are now played on the first and third Saturday evening at the Senior Center with a carry-in lunch at 6:30 p.m. of “finger foods” to enjoy before sitting down to play at 7:00 p.m.