Public Notice No. 5688



NOVEMBER 2, 2021 5:00 P.M.

The Town Council of the Town of Lusk met in regular session at 5:00 p.m. in the Council Chambers of Town Hall on Tuesday November 2, 2021.

Council Members Present: Mayor Doug Lytle, Council Members Becky Blackburn, Calvin Carstensen, and Dean Nelson

Absent:                       Council Member Tom Dooper 

Also Present: Linda Frye, Clerk/Treasurer

Desirae Matthews-LeLeux, Deputy Clerk/Treasurer

Kianna Blackburn, Billing Clerk 

Todd Skrukrud, Director of Public Works 

Attorney Dennis Meier

Sean Duffy, Golf Course Supervisor

Royce Thompson, Electric Superintendent/Airport 


James Santistevan, Cemetery/Park/Emergency Man agement

Chief Bo Krein

MAYOR LYTLE called the meeting to order at 5:00 p.m.

Council Member Carstensen led everyone in the Pledge of Allegiance.

Added to the agenda was Executive Session after new business. COUNCIL MEMBER CARSTENSEN MOVED, to approve the agenda as amended, second by COUNCIL MEMBER BLACKBURN. MOTION CARRIED. 


AFLAC Payroll Deduction $764.72

Allbright’s True Value Supplies $786.10

ALSCO/American Linen Mat Rental $168.76

AVI PC Engineering Inc. Engineering Fees $69,633.38

Baker & Associates Inc. Landfill Monitoring $2,700.00

BankCard Center 0344 Supplies/Subscriptions/Training/Postage/Fuel $403.62

BankCard Center 1960 Parts/Supplies $217.07

BankCard Center 4359 Supplies/Uniforms $710.79

Bauerkemper’s Inc. New Equipment $254.00

Black Hills Energy Gas Service $257.41

Blue Line Custom Vinyls PD Supplies $200.00

Boldon Diesel Services Ambulance Vehicle Repair $618.74

Business Solutions Tax Forms $153.05

Cabotage, Jordan Utility Deposit Refund $76.49

Carver, Florek, & James Audit Expense $25,250.00

Caselle Inc. Office Support & Maintenance $1,100.00

CenturyLink Phones/Internet $1,360.91

Doyle J. Davies Municipal Judge $1,000.00

Decker’s Food Center Supplies $17.68

Delta Dental Plan Employee Paid Insurance $895.65

Energy Lab. Inc. Water Samples/Landfill Monitoring $8,098.00

Franks Parts Company Parts/Supplies $2,471.67

Gallegos, Randi Utility Deposit Refund $10.49

Golf & Sport Solutions Top Dressing $1,525.58

Great American Financial Services Copier Lease $311.00

Great West Trust Co WRS 457 Plan Deferred $200.00

H & H Electric Equipment Repair $1,376.17

Herren Bros. True Value Parts/Supplies/Building $228.48

Heyne, Joseph Ambulance Refund $448.80

Ideal Linen/Bluffs Cemetery Supplies $74.94

International Institute of Municipal Clerks

Dues and Fees $115.00

Interstate Batteries Equipment Repair $32.95

Jergenson, Doug Monthly Wage Animal Control $1,400.00

Jirdon Agri Chemicals Fertilizer $11,875.00

Krein, Johnny Reimbursement $27.68

Lumen Phone, Long Distance $22.87

Lusk Herald Legal Advertising/Directory/Ad. $1,377.63

Lusk Lodging Tax Board Tax Distribution $6,705.10

Matheson Tri-Gas Inc. Ambulance Supplies $99.28

Meier Building Rent $800.00

Meier Law Office Monthly Retainer $3,000.00

Municipal Emergency Svcs. New Equipment $111.85

Newman Traffic Signs Streets Signs $1,634.96

Niobrara Chamber of Commerce

Promotion $187.50

Niobrara County Library Internet Service $250.00

Niobrara County Treasurer Communications Contract/Property Taxes $12,547.84

Niobrara Electric Assoc. Utilities $41.45

Normont Equipment Parts $59.91

Oftedal Construction Inc. Phase I Payment #3 $576,254.70

Pitney Bowes Inc. Office Supplies $24.22

Ranchers Feed & Supply Parts & Supplies/Uniforms $163.48

Salt Lake Wholesale Sports PD Supplies $281.00

Schutt Sports, LLC Rec. Dept. Uniforms $768.00

Sinclair, Pine Bluffs Airport Fuel $7,462.50

Spic and Span Cleaners Snow Removal Supplies $4,432.57

Sterling Excavation & Sewer Services

Inspection for Infrastructure Project $275.00

TDS Trash Collection Tipping Fees Transfer Station $5,654.86

Torrington Office Supplies Office Supplies $78.83

Underground Enterprises Transfer Station Haul $1,350.00

Valley Motor Supply Parts/Supplies $256.92

Visionary Communications Inc.

Internet Service $138.14

W.E.B.T. Employee Life Insurance $69.75

W.M.P.A. Electrical Power Purchase $100,828.04

WAM/WCCA Lease Payment $786.55

Whitaker Oil, Inc. Fuel & Oil $4,579.65

WY Dept. of Revenue WY Sales Tax $4,936.70

WY Dept. of Workforce Services Worker’s Compensation $1,985.50

WY Office State Lands & Investments

Loan Payment $4,689.32

WY Public Health Lab. Water Sample $24.00

Wyoming Retirement Government Contribution $15,667.25

WY Water Dev. Commission Annual Loan Payment $8,718.14

Total Vouchers $901,027.64

MANUAL CHECKS October 2021

Pete Kruse Per Diem $19.00

Royce Thompson Per Diem $19.00

Clerk of District Court Garnishment, Writ of Assignment


WY Child Support Garnishment, Writ of Assignment


Postmaster Utility Billing $253.68

Postmaster Utility Billing/Increase in fee $4.24

Clerk of District Court Garnishment, Writ of Assignment


WY Child Support Garnishment, Writ of Assignment


Stuart Coxhead Per Diem $124.25

Jay Owren Per Diem $124.25

Richardson Construction Inc. Airport Improvement Project  $36,937.01

Total $38,640.09


COUNCIL MEMBER CARSTENSEN MOVED, SECOND BY COUNCIL MEMBER NELSON, to approve the Treasurers Report, Financial Condition and Manual Checks. The report will be filed for audit. MOTION CARRIED.

COUNCIL MEMBER BLACKBURN MOVED, SECOND BY COUNCIL MEMBER NELSON, to approve the minutes of the regular Council meeting on October 11, 2021. MOTION CARRIED.


Verlene Matney Chairman of the EMS Benefit Committee approached the Council for approval on the benefit they would like to hold on August 27, 2022. They are requesting the use of the city parking lot next to the town shop, the town parking lot behind True Value, to block off a portion of Second Street for a walk way and an open container permit from 8 a.m. until Midnight. The committee will have to fill out the permits for the street closure and open container permit. COUNCIL MEMBER NELSON MOVED, SECOND BY COUNCIL MEMBER BLACKBURN, to approve the EMS Benefit Committee to hold their EMS Benefit on August 27, 2021 and have use of the shop parking lot and the lot behind True Value, and obtain the proper forms for the open container permit and street closure. MOTION CARRIED.

Stacy Helwhig and Reygan Molzahn attended the Council meeting and gave information to the Council on the Y.E.S. House Foundation. The Foundation office is located in Gillette and is a youth focused program. This is similar to Big Brothers Big Sisters. Reygan Molzahn will be working with the Lusk Community. Ms. Helwhig left her card and information on the program.

Department Updates: 

Royce stated there were a few issues after the last storm that have been taken care of. There has been an issue on receiving parts. Airport has doubled fuel sales over last year and are way up.  

James reported that the last storm damaged some trees in the cemetery and they have been removed. There is a new “Mother Mary” bronze statute at the cemetery donated by Mary Ellis Tobin. The siren needs some parts replaced. Homeland Security has awarded the fire department a Grant in the amount of $30,000.00 for communication. This grant will be reviewed by the Town Attorney and Mayor and signed.

Chief Krein gave his report for the month of October. The department is doing K-9 training and certification which is required by the state. This requires commitment and dedication of the officers.

There will be a Phase II Infrastructure Community meeting on November 9th at 6:00 p.m. at the Shooting Sports Building at the Fairgrounds. Linda stated that the Audit for the fiscal year ending June 20, 2021 is complete and if the Council wanted to see a hard copy there is one available. There was a request for a yearly Transient Merchant Permit so they did not have to stop at the Town office every time they come to Town. Attorney Meier stated that the ordinance would need to be changed. After a brief discussion, there was no decision on moving forward with this. 

Todd Skrukrud Director of Public Works updated the Council on the pump at the golf course. D.C. Drilling pulled the pump and will pull the liner. The Street crew is putting up new signs in the construction area. The construction crew is pouring approaches and driveways on 5th street. There will be 2 crews working on sewer in the alleys. The water line on Pine Street is put in and milling is being put down. There is bubbling on 7th Street due to moisture which will have to be fixed.

Old Business:

COUNCIL MEMBER BLACKBURN MOVED, SECOND BY COUNCIL MEMBER CARSTENSEN, to approve Ordinance No. 2-40-100, An Ordinance Granting a Franchise to Visionary Communications, Inc. on Behalf of Itself and Its Operating Affiliates (“Visionary”) to Operate and Maintain a Telecommunications system (“System” or “The System”) in the Town of Lusk, Wyoming (“Town” or “The Town”), on Second Reading . Town Attorney Dennis Meier stated that he sent the franchise agreement to Stacy McDonald from Visionary after the first reading. She requested information on the changes that were made to the agreement from the sample and Mr. Meier read what he wrote to her though email. Mr. Meier has not heard a response if Visionary is in agreement. MOTION CARRIED. 

COUNCIL MEMBER NELSON MOVED, to approve Ordinance No. 6-10-110, An Ordinance Amending Existing Ordinance No. 6-10-110, to Include Nudity in Said Section as Public Indecency, on Second Reading. THIS ORDINANCE DIED FOR LACK OF A SECOND.

COUNCIL MEMBER BLACKBURN MOVED, to approve Ordinance No. 9-10-100, An Ordinance Amending Existing Ordinance No. 9-10-100, to Prohibit Roosters within the Limits of the Town of Lusk, on Second Reading. THIS ORDINANCE DIED FOR LACK OF A SECOND.

New Business:

COUNCIL MEMBER CARSTENSEN presented to the Council his letter of resignation. Mr. Carstensen is resigning his position on the Council for personal reasons. Mayor Lytle thanked Council Member Carstensen for his years of service. Council Member Blackburn wished Council Member Carstensen the very best. COUNCIL MEMBER BLACKBURN MOVED, SECOND BY COUNCIL MEMBER NELSON, to accept COUNCIL MEMBER CARSTENSEN’S letter of resignation with deep regret. MOTION CARRIED.

Council Member Nelson stated that he is requesting the area across the railroad tracks from Griffith Street north to West Daley Street west in Running Water Addition be re-zoned from General Industrial to Limited Industrial. Town Attorney Meier stated that Council Member Nelson give something in writing specifying the area and after that have a public hearing. The Town will send certified letters to property owners that have property that are included, adjacent property owners and any owners that are 140 feet from the area in question. Once written notice is mailed there will be a public hearing at least 15 days later. If 20% or more of the owners of the lots within the area proposed for change or within 140 feet of the area, protest against the change, the amendment shall not become effective unless a favorable vote of 3/4 of the Governing Body is given. Upon approval the amendment shall be by RESOLUTION and the zoning district map shall be changed accordingly. Council Member Nelson will have to pay for the certified letters and publication of the meeting.


The reconvened into regular session at 6:25 p.m. 

The next regular Council meeting will be Tuesday December 7, 2021 at 5:00 p.m. 

There being no further business to come before the Council, the meeting was adjourned 

at 6:25 p.m.

Douglas E. Lytle, Mayor 


Linda M. Frye, Clerk/Treasurer

Public Notice No. 5688. Published in The Lusk Herald on November 10, 2021.