Public Notice No. 5855

Public Notice

NOVEMBER 1, 2022, 5:00 P.M.
The Town Council of the Town of Lusk met in regular session at 5:00 p.m. in the Council Chambers of Town Hall on Tuesday November 1, 2022.
Council Members Present:     Mayor Doug Lytle, Council Members Dean Nelson, Tom Dooper, Adam Dickson, Chantry Filener             
Also Present:        Attorney Dennis Meier
Desirae Matthews-LeLeux, Clerk/Treasurer
            Samantha Eddy, Deputy Clerk/Treasurer
            Todd Skrukrud, Director of Public Works
            Linda Frye, Grant Manager/Writer
            Chief Bo Krein
Rick Bridge led everyone in the Pledge of Allegiance.
MAYOR LYTLE called the meeting to order at 4:59 p.m.
COUNCIL MEMBER NELSON MOVED, SECOND BY COUNCIL MEMBER DOOPER, to approve a consent agenda for item numbers three (3) through six (6) with amendments to the treasurer report and the agenda. MOTION CARRIED.
AFLAC    Payroll Deduction    $744.74
Allbright’s True Value    Supplies    $1,329.90
ALSCO/American Linen    Mat Rental    $133.00
American Red Cross    Lifeguard Training/First Aid    $416.00
Ametek Magnetrol USA    Sewer Dept New Equipment    $3,199.76
AVI PC Engineering Inc    Engineering Fees    $2,954.65
Baker & Associates Inc.    Groundwater Monitoring Fees    $2,700.00
BankCard Center 0344    Subscriptions/K-9 Unit/Training    $548.03
BankCard Center 2477    Water Supplies/Pool Supplies    $202.78
BankCard Center 4359    PD Subscriptions/Postage/K-9 Unit/Supplies    $650.40
BankCard Center 9385    Ambulance Vehicle Repair    $300.99
Black Hills Energy    Gas Service    $214.10
Border State Industries    Electric Parts and Supplies    $3,439.40
Burton, Jeremy    Back Flow Valve Refund    $441.94
Bush-Wells    Rec Dept Supplies    $677.51
Caselle Inc.    Office Support & Maintenance    $1,233.00
CenturyLink    Phones/Internet    $940.91
Connecting Point    Copier Lease    $100.00
Doyle J. Davies    Municipal Judge/Postage    $1,000.00
Decker’s Food Center    Supplies    $126.04
Delta Dental Plan    Employee Paid Insurance    $745.10
Empower Trust Company    WRS 457 Plan Deferred    $200.00
Energy Laboratories Inc    Water Samples    $3,439.00
Franks Parts Company    Parts/Supplies/Repairs    $2,707.29
Great American Financial Services    Copier Lease    $311.00
Jergenson, Doug    Monthly Wage Animal Control    $1,400.00
LACAL Equipment, Inc    Snow Removal    $533.04
Lumen    Phone, Long Distance    $23.40
Lusk Fire Dept    ½ LVFD Retirement    $675.00
Lusk Herald    Legal Advertising/Advertising    $1,815.50
Lusk Lodging Tax Board    Tax Distribution    $6,560.61
Lytle, Doug    Reimbursement Office Equipment    $1,796.70
Meier Building    Rent    $800.00
Meier Law Office    Monthly Retainer    $3,000.00
Midland Implement Co.  Ambulance Vehicle Repair/Cemetery Parts & Supplies    $1,218.72
Nio. County Weed & Pest    Street Chemicals    $17.20
Niobrara Chamber of Commerce    Promotion    $187.50
Niobrara County Library    Internet Service    $250.00
Nio County School District    Recreation Dept Transportation    $2,917.40
Niobrara County Treasurer     Communications Contract    $6,301.50
Niobrara Electric Assoc.    Utilities    $41.56
Northwest Pipe Fittings of Rapid City    Water Dept. Parts & Supplies    $51.96
Northwest Pipe Fittings, Scottsbluff    Sewer Parts/Supplies    $305.60
One-Call of Wyoming    Tickets    $78.00
Pitney Bowes Purchase Power    Postage    $520.99
Propane Transport International    Street Blacktop    $1,203.06
Sinclair, Pine Bluffs    Golf Course Fuel    $470.00
TDS Trash Collection    Tipping Fees Transfer Station/Pump out    $5,480.72
Torrington Office Supplies    Supplies    $138.06
Underground Enterprises    Transfer Station Haul    $1,800.00
USA Blue Book    Water New Equipment    $473.70
Valley Motor Supply    Supplies/Equipment Repair    $24.25
Visionary Communications Inc.    Internet Service    $363.48
W.E.B.T.    Employee Medical/Life Premiums    $26,210.75
W.M.P.A.    Electrical Power Purchase    $111,226.89
W.W.Q & P.C.A.    Education Conference    $242.00
WAM/WCCA    Lease Payment    $786.55
Western Medical Mng. Inc    Ambulance Billing Service    $549.79
Whitaker Oil, Inc.    Fuel & Oil    $6,495.99
WY Dept. of Workforce Services    Worker’s Compensation    $1,877.77
Wyoming First Aid & Safety Supply    Supplies    $343.81
Wyoming Office State Lands & Investments    Load Payment    $4,689.32
Wyoming Public Health Lab    Water Samples    $48.00
Wyoming Retirement    Government Contribution    $14,789.74
Wyoming Water Dev. Commission    Loan Payment    $8,718.14
Total Vouchers        $243,182.24
MANUAL CHECKS: October 2022    
Clerk of District Court, Second Judicial    Writ of Wages, Garnishment     $348.56
Wyoming Child Support    Writ of Wages, Garnishment     $319.37
Matheson Tri-Gas Inc    Ambulance Oxygen     $48.25
Pitney Bowes Global Finance    Leasing Charges    $163.53
Niobrara County Weed & Pest    Street Chemicals     $1,925.00
Pitney Bowes Purchase Power    Postage Fees    $9.99
Pete Kruse    Per Diem/Training    $20.00
Royce Thompson    Per Diem/Training     $20.00
Rawhide Drug    Ambulance Supplies    $58.91
Postmaster    Utility Billing      $303.18
Clerk of District Court, Second Judicial    Writ of Wages, Garnishment     $348.56
Wyoming child Support    Writ of Wages, Garnishment     $319.37
Rory Norberg    Per Diem/ Water Sample Delivery    $20.00
Gullickson, Darlene    Municipal Court Over Payment Refund    $59.00
Wyoming Office State Lands & Investments    Phase I Water/Sewer SRF Loan Interest Payment    $89,191.66
AVI PC Engineering Inc    Phase I/Phase II Engineering Fees    $55,540.01
Oftedal Construction, Inc.    Phase I #14/Phase II #3 Contractor Payments    $1,679,819.02
Dolley Enterprise, Inc    PD Ammunition    $293.04
Total    $1,828,807.45
No visitors.
Department Updates:
Chief Krein gave a report on Police Department statistics for October. The PD has been doing classes at the High School on decision making for 7th-12th grades. The PD was asked by the Grade School to do an assembly on bullying. They finished putting together Niobrara County Juvenile Services Advisory Board and are moving forward finding grants. Traffic went well for Halloween with officers assisting with children. The Homeland Security Grant for the PD/Ambulance radios has been awarded. Waiting for grant paperwork. The PD did ice cream with a Cop and bike safety with Tiger Club last month.
Desirae LeLeux reported they are in the process of closing out the Drinking Water and Clean Water SRF Loans with the Office of State Lands and Investments for Phase I, then moving on to closing out the CCL loan and working with USDA and bonding partners to finish up the rest. They received notice that the Town was awarded with the Transportation Alternatives Program Grant (TAP Grant) in the amount of $250,000 for design only. Local Match is $26,274.00 for a Project Total of $276,274.00. They can then reapply for the construction portion in the coming year. They have the proposal opening tomorrow for Engineering Services for the Lusk Municipal Airport.
Todd Skrukrud reported Parks & Cemetery are winterizing for the year. Phase I is closing out, just running through punch list items. Phase II is working on sidewalks and sewer. Working with ARS on Transfer Station fire clean up. Waiting on bid for Electric work.  Waiting on a mill to take a load out for carboard at the Recycling Center. Waiting on a bid from Newcome Plumbing and Heating for the heater at the Recycling Center. Still working at the Golf Course. Most of the leaks have been taken care of and heads are being repaired. The guys have been doing a lot of cleaning in the shops out there. Todd would like to keep water on a couple more weeks while they get everything repaired and then shut down and winterize. Then, he will get the hot line up and going. He has a previous superintendent available to come down and help if needed.
Old Business:
COUNCIL MEMBER DOOPER MOVED, SECOND BY COUNCIL MEMBER FILENER to approve Ordinance No. 9-10-100, An Ordinance Amending Existing Ordinance No. 9-10-100, To Prohibit Roosters Within the Town Limits of The Town of Lusk, on third and final reading. MOTION CARRIED.
COUNCIL MEMBER FILENER MOVED, SECOND BY COUNCIL MEMBER DICKSON, to approve Ordinance No. 13-15-120, An Ordinance Amending Existing Ordinance No. 13-15-120 To Increase the Building Permit Fee, on second reading. MOTION CARRIED.
COUNCIL MEMBER DOOPER MOVED, SECOND BY COUNCIL MEMBER DICKSON, to approve Ordinance No. 11-15-410, An Ordinance Amending Existing Ordinance No. 11-15-410 Which Establishes Amended Sewer Rates to Consumers Utilizing the Sewer System of the Town of Lusk, on second reading. MOTION CARRIED.
COUNCIL MEMBER NELSON MOVED, SECOND BY COUNCIL MEMBER FILENER, to approve Ordinance No. 11-20-740, An Ordinance Amending Existing Ordinance No. 11-20-740, As Amended, Establishing Water Usage Rates, on second reading. MOTION CARRIED.
New Business:
Mayor Lytle Proclaimed November 14, 2022, through November 20, 2022, as National Apprenticeship Week in the Town of Lusk.
Chief Krein discussed the need to replace the damaged speed sign on the North side of town that was hit in a crash by an insured driver. They are looking for reimbursement for repairing it. He has received estimates for the repair: $4,000 for just the equipment, does not include the Town’s estimate on resetting and putting the sign back up. The sign does include a strobe with flashing red and blue. He has talked to WYDOT for a solution regarding the number of wrecks that happen in that spot. There is a concern with the speed of vehicles coming into town not having something in place in the spot. He would like to replace that sign as soon as possible and then get reimbursed through the insurance company. The driver was cited. Chief Krein will work with Desirae on contacting the insurance company.  
The next regular Council meeting will be Tuesday December 6, 2022, at 5:00 p.m.
There being no further business to come before the Council, the meeting was adjourned
at 5:19 p.m.
Douglas E. Lytle, Mayor
Desirae Matthews-LeLeux, Clerk/Treasurer

Public Notice No. 5855. Published in The Lusk Herald on November 9, 2022.