Public Notice No. 5938


Public Notice

The County Commissioners’ meeting was called to order on May 2, 2023, at 9:02 a.m. by Chairman Patrick H. Wade. Vice-Chairman John Midkiff and County Clerk Becky L. Freeman were present. Commissioner Griffith phoned in to the meeting as she was out of town. Members of the audience included Judy Lucas with The Lusk Herald, Sheriff Randy Starkey, and Undersheriff Kelly Dean.
Road & Bridge- Barney Reece and Bill Matthews met with the Commissioners and Foreman Fred Thomas to discuss the S. Van Tassell Road and winter traffic. Some travelers, directed by Google Maps, will take S. Van Tassell Road to try and bypass closed state highways, however, they become stranded because of poor road conditions.
Mrs. Reece wanted to see if there was a way that the Goshen County Sheriff and Commissioners could work with the Niobrara County Sheriff and Commissioners to install signs on S. Van Tassell Road saying the road is closed (due to poor weather.) She also suggested fining people if a rescue is required because people have ignored the closed road sign.
She also stated she would store the road sign at her house if necessary and they could put it up as they live across the road. She asked if there was a way that the sheriff could put up an electric sign and monitor it from dispatch. The Commissioners and Sheriff both felt this would be cost prohibitive.
Chairman Wade explained that they have discussed installing road signs many times and the weather conditions this year have been an exception to the norm.
Mrs. Reece also discussed hosting a pistol workshop being taught by her son, who is a weapons certified instructor. She inquired if the Commissioners would be interested in paying for the deputies to attend. Chairman Wade said that is a decision that the Sheriff would need to make.
Coy Coulson and Josh Harkins with BenchMark of Torrington joined the meeting and presented a pay request for $13,155.48 from Pine Bluffs Gravel & Excavating for work done on the 22-23 Road Rehabilitation Project. Mr. Harkins said they are close to completing the project.
Commissioner Griffith told Foreman Thomas that she received a call from a landowner thanking the road and bridge crew for their hard work on clearing roads during the storms.
Petition to Cross County Road- The Commissioners and Foreman Thomas discussed the road crossing permit received from Stan Swanson. The group thought stipulations should be applied stating that if the landowner does not want to run the water pipeline under the auto gate, then Mr. Swanson must bore under Greasewood Road according to the parameters set forth in the petition.
Vice-Chairman Midkiff moved to approve the petition from Stan Swanson to cross Greasewood Road according to the stipulations set forth in the petition/order. Commissioner Griffith seconded, and the motion carried unanimously.

Elected Officials and Dept. Heads- Undersheriff Kelly Dean said they moved inmates to a different county and are waiting for architects and Fisher Roofing to inspect the Justice Center Roof. Due to water damage from the roof, renovations will need to be made.
He also noted there are employees attending the academy and the remaining staff are cleaning the jail and sheriff’s office.
They will also need to discuss changing or updating internet. They will need fiber optics at the building they are leasing. They will need to discuss changing or updating internet service at the sheriff’s office and courthouse.
Clerk of Court Chrisanna Lund said it is business as usual in her office and she noted there will be a circuit court jury trial towards the end of month.
Assessor Teri Stephens said the Notice of Valuation protest period ends Friday. She said they are getting ready to go out in the field.
County Clerk Becky Freeman said it was business as usual in her office.
Commissioner Griffith said the Public Health Nurse grant was approved and the remodel work can begin on the public health nurse building. She updated the group on the Community Juvenile Services Board meeting and said the board made a recommendation for the coordinator position. WYOHelp will perform background checks prior to hiring.
County Attorney- Roger and Tammy Bonsell met with the Commissioners and Attorney Anne Wasserburger to discuss vacating a portion of Quigley Road. Attorney Wasserburger wanted to convey to the Bonsell’s that she is not providing legal advice to them, she is simply providing information that the Commissioners will need should the vacation proceed.
Attorney Wasserburger reviewed a lease and rental agreement between Skeeter and Carla Shoults and Niobrara County to lease temporary office space for the sheriff’s office. She also reviewed an agreement for services between Max Masters dba Geographic Innovations and Niobrara County. She stated that both documents need revisions before signing. She will prepare the revisions and submit them to the proper department heads to distribute to the corresponding parties.
The Commissioners discussed lawn care and whether to power rake the lawns. The Commissioners were concerned about the street construction that will be taking place this summer and decided to forego power raking at this time.
24-Hour Malt Beverage Permit- Vice-Chairman Midkiff moved to approve the 24-Hour Malt Beverage permit for the Class of 1968 to give away malt beverages on June 23, 2023 for the Class of 1968 Reunion. Commissioner Griffith seconded, and the motion carried unanimously.
Revised Independent Contractor Agreement- Commissioner Griffith moved to sign a revised contract with Michael Coon, dba AGC Construction. Vice-Chairman Midkiff seconded, and the motion carried unanimously. This contract replaces an earlier one signed and revises the start and end dates and payment schedule.
The Commissioners, Treasurer Keri Thompson, and County Clerk Becky L. Freeman joined a Zoom meeting with auditors from Porter, Muirhead, Cornia, and Howard to discuss the possibility of hiring one of their members as a consultant to assist the county and component units in the preparation of the annual audit.
Consent Agenda-Vice-Chairman Midkiff moved to approve the consent agenda. Commissioner Griffith seconded, and the motion carried unanimously. Items on the consent agenda were the minutes of the April 6, 2023, meeting, and receipts for the month of April from the County Clerk for $3,132.50 and from the Clerk of Court for $929.00.
Payroll and the following vouchers were approved for payment: Bills are listed in the following format: Vendor- Department- Description- Amount- April Payroll- $118500.29, Aflac- Various- Supplemental insurance- $6545.41, Allbright’s True Value- Various- Parts, supplies- $261.90, Alsco- Road & Bridge- Shop towels & coveralls- $283.41, Anne Wasserburger, Co. Attorney- Supplies - $26.49, Barco Municipal Products, Inc.- Road & Bridge- Parts- $3842.00, Barnes Law, LLC.- Clerk of Court- Court appointed attorney- $10.00, BenchMark of Torrington- Commissioners- Engineering fees- $5030.50, Black Hills Chemical & Janitorial- Facilities- Cleaning supplies- $108.82, Black Hills Energy- Various- Utilities- $1346.88, Boldon Welding & Repair- Road & Bridge- Repairs- $300.00, Business Radio Licensing- Dispatch- IT expense- $110.00, Canon Financial Services- Various- Copier service agreements- $330.00, CenturyLink- Various- Telephones- $2134.68, CenturyLink Business- Various- Telephones- $80.15, Clarke Pluming Service- Library- Maintenance- $360.00, Connecting Point Computer Centers- Sheriff- Copier service agreement- $339.24, Cory Wilcox- Coroner- Deputy coroner stipend - $150.00, Coulson Law, LLC.- Clerk of Court- Court appointed attorney- $50.00, Delta Dental of WY- Various- Dental insurance- $1004.15, Dennis C. Meier- Circuit Court Magistrate- Office rent- $1000.00, Dept. of Workforce Services- General County- Unemployment - $10225.92, Double A Properties, LLC.- Co. Attorney- Office rent- $1000.00, Frank Parts Co.- Various- Parts- $785.45, Fusion Cloud Services, LLC.- Various, Telephone- $1082.51, Geographic Innovations- Various- Professional mapping - $1300.00, Grainger- Facilities- Justice center maintenance- $654.33, Great-West Trust Co., LLC.- Various- Deferred compensation contribution- $19085.00, Harris Govern Ft. Collins User Group, Inc.- Assessor- Dues- $150.00, Herren Brothers True Value- Road & Bridge- Parts- $102.86, Hiway Brake & Alignment- Sheriff- Vehicle repairs- $92.65, Hometown Country- Detention- Uniforms- $189.00, Honey Badger Towing & Recovery, LLC.- Sheriff- Abandoned vehicles- $193.00, Honnen Equipment Company- Road & Bridge- Equipment repairs- $2761.56,  Jameson Cleaning & Maintenance- Facilities- Fairgrounds cleaning contract - $7500.00, Katie Krein- Prevention Grant- Phone, IT expense, operational supports, svc. implementation- $224.30, Ken Brown- Clerk of Court- Court appointed attorney- $1350.00, Lawson Products, Inc.- Road & Bridge- Parts- $85.34, Lusk Herald- General County- Publications- $1249.56, Lusk State Bank- Various- Payroll taxes -$34289.77, MasterCard- Various- Supplies, travel, postage, inmate telephone, travel expense, IT expense, schools, uniforms, tires, prevention grant - $2464.62, Michael Coon- PHN Grant- Pay request 1- PH Nurse Building Remodel- $10000.00, Motorola Solutions, Inc.- Emergency Mgmt.- Equipment repairs- $234.48, NCIC Inmate Communications- Detention- Inmate phone cards- $245.00, Nebraska Safety & Fire Equipment, Inc.- Facilities- Justice Center Mtnce- $310.00, Niobrara County Fair Board- Quarterly allocation in lieu of Mill Levy- $19,688.75, Niobrara County Hospital District- 1% Option Tax - $14191.63,  Niobrara County Library- General Co. Quarterly allocation in lieu of Mill Levy & deferred compensation- $38640.75, Niobrara County Public Health – Prevention grant- Indirect costs- $203.55, Niobrara Electric Association- Various- Radio tower electricity- $52.37, Office Depot- General County- Supplies- $1010.25, Office of State Lands & Investments- County Road Fund- Post construction easements- $253.20, Palen Law Offices, LLP.- Clerk of Court- Court appointed attorney- $350.00, Pine Bluffs Gravel & Excavating, Inc.- County Road Fund- 22-23 Road Rehab Project pay request 1- $13155.48, Pomp’s Tire Service, Inc.- Road & Bridge- Equipment repairs- $2900.00, Quadient Leasing, USA, Inc.- General County- Quarterly postage meter lease payment- $1202.19, Quality Carpet Care- Facilities- Courthouse repairs- $79.00, Rancher’s Feed & Supply, Inc.- Road & Bridge- Parts- $95.60, Roetman Inspection Services- ARPA Funds- PH Nurse Building Inspection- $350.00, Stephens-Peck, Inc.- County Clerk- Supplies- $119.00, Stinker Stores, Inc.- Various- Fuel- $3492.91, Swanson Services Corp.- Detention Center- Inmate Commissary- $34.48, The Master’s Touch, LLC.-Assessor- Mailing service- $860.84, Thomson Reuters-West- County Attorney- Law library- $168.83, Torrington Office Supply- Various- Supplies- $388.98, Town of Lusk- Various- Utilities- $3009.51, Traci Bruegger- Facilities- Cleaning contract- $4300.00, Tyler Technologies- Treasurer- Computer expense- $82.69, Verizon Wireless- Various- Cell phones, computer expense & base fee- $370.64, Vision Service Plan- Various- Vision Insurance $435.46, Visionary Broadband- Various- I T expense- $351.93, Westco- Road & Bridge- Fuel- $5226.31, WY Enterprise Technology Services- Various- Computer expense- $10.00, Wyoming Educators’ Benefit Trust- Co Admin- Health & life insurance- $17629.79, Wyoming Machinery Company- Road & Bridge- Parts- $2843.66, Wyoming Network, Inc.- General County- IT expense- $200.00, Wyoming Women’s Center- Detention- Inmate meals- $853.21, Xerox Corp.- Co admin- Copier service agreement- $127.44,  Payroll Deductions & Accounts payable total- $251567.43   
Grand total for April $370067.72
There being no further business, the meeting adjourned.
Patrick Wade, Chairman
Becky L. Freeman, County Clerk

Public Notice No. 5938. Published in The Lusk Herald on May 24, 2023.