Black lights and ice cream


Elementary art hosts immersive art experience

LUSK – Jelly fish, eels, starfish, grouper and more glowed softly while the gentle sounds of instrumental music and ocean sounds filled the air as attendees walked through an undersea experience they aren’t likely to forget. Roxanne Fish’s elementary art students pre-K through sixth grade had worked hard to create an art show that was more than just looking, it was three dimensional and unforgettable.
Fish has been working with students on ocean life art work that was then displayed as an underwater black light exhibit. Attendees were invited in to a closed off room that displayed the myriad of underwater creatures on black backdrop with black lights creating a vibrant display. It was a show that both Fish and her students should be proud of.
Art shows should always be an experience for viewers but Fish’s decision to create a truly immersive display is a credit to both her vision as an artist herself and her support and encouragement of her students. Great art leaves you feeling something and often inspires and that was exactly what the most recent show did. The exclamations of delight from both adults and children echoed through the art room. Students were obviously proud of their work. Adults and siblings genuinely enjoyed and admired the work not just because they loved their student. As with many of the art projects created in Fish’s room the students’ proficiency and depth of knowledge about their work was impressive. Fish strives to create a love of art and understanding of processes and artistic styles. Underlying it all is her obvious and intense joy that art brings to her life, and that she translates into her classroom to share with her students.
An ice cream sundae reception was also enjoyed by attendees with students and families enjoying the time together celebrating the accomplishment.

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