Christmas Bazaar decks the halls of Lusk

Beth and Matt Hessler of Middle of No Where Customs. Photo/Phillip Collins
NIOBRRARA – Tis the season to be shopping for friends and family! And, there was no shortage of homemade crafts, cuisines, and other holiday items at the Niobrara County Christmas Bazaar on Friday and Saturday. Sponsored by the Niobrara County Home- makers, this annual holiday event allows sundry vendors to display and sell their wares at the local Fair- grounds. According to Homemakers Secretary and Chairwoman of the Bazaar Donna Hanson, the event began in 1986 and, with the exception of the dark years of the pandemic, has grown ever since. On average, the Bazaar draws between 60 and 70 vendors every holiday season. Hanson stated that Lusk has always enthusiastically embraced this beloved Christmas tradition.

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