Community garden not an option

LUSK – The land designated for a “park” for the duration of the deeded time will not be considered for a “community” garden again. This property, deeded to the town over 50 years ago for green space has been used as a community garden in years past; however, council stated that given the state of the lots, all infrastructure except water has been removed, they will not allow another community garden, in the sense of what it was, again. 

Kate Duffy, Carrie Olsen and Etta Patterson approached the council at Tuesday night’s June meeting to request the Node Homemakers the allowed to use the space as a goodwill project garden to provide produce for the community. Council agreed that as long as it would not be utilized by multiple individuals they would consider a lease proposal from the Homemakers. This would retain the original intent of the property deed but allow the council and town to avoid conflict and liability as in the past. The water would need to be metered and whoever would lease that property would have to pay for water in addition to the lease. The Node Homemakers are to bring forward a proposal at the next council meeting for consideration. 

As council worked through their lengthy agenda discussion was held regarding the state of the greens at the golf course and the impact that the cooler, wet weather has had on the golf course. Councilman Dooper expressed concern that the course was not at the quality it needed to be, particularly given the recent tournaments that have been hosted and the busy tournament schedule through the summer. At previous council meetings greenskeeper Shawn Duffy had encouraged council to host as many meetings in late June, July and August as possible since he anticipated the course would not be in peak condition until then.

Director of Public Works Todd Skrukrud also gave updates on the infrastructure project. The contractors hope to have everything south of 5th street starting to pave by Friday. All utilities from 5th south to 3rd have been completed and after the paving the landscapers will finish up. Curbs are done on Linn, Barrett and Pine and only Diamond is left to curb. As construction moves down to the block of 3rd next to Main Street notices will be posted and information will be put out to try and avoid major congestion and confusion around those businesses and the Post Office. 

K9 Loki recently returned from the 2023 USPCA qualifications. He was awarded Top Dog in both PD1 and tracking. Lusk EMS and the Police department are working together and EMS is anticipating purchasing a skid that would allow the rural response vehicle to transport an EMS patient if necessary. 

Linda Frye’s last day as Clerk will be June 17. Desi LeLeux will be moving into the Clerk position and Samantha Eddy has been hired as the deputy clerk. 

The final 2022-2023 Fiscal Year Budget was approved on third reading with Revenue of $26,741,834.00 and Expenditures of the same. 

All ordinances regarding trash and water that have been discussed passed second reading. As the Ordinance No 11-5-120 reads as amended it clarifies the types of containers that are approved for trash. It also states that approved containers “cannot exceed a 30 gallon capacity and not weight more than 25 pounds. They must have tight fitting lids which shall not be attached to the container. All garbage placed in qualified containers that are larger or heavier or that have attached lids shall be bagged in order to allow easy removal of garbage without necessity of lifting the container.”

New council members Chantry Filener and Adam Dickson and Mayor elect Doug Lytle were sworn in. Officers appointed for the next year are Todd Skrukrud, Director of Public Works, Linda Frye/Desi LeLeux, Town Clerk/Treasurer, Bo Krein, Chief of Police, Meier Law Office and Associates, Legal Counsel, Doyle Davies, Municipal Court Judge and Tom Dooper was appointed Mayor Pro-Tem. The leases and permits listed on the agenda were all approved. 

Resolutions relating to the capital construction loan from the State Loan and Investment Board (SLIB) and relating to Phase III of the project were all approved. This will allow Frye to submit the final applications for this phase by the deadline of June 8.

Final item of business in regards to the property on South Pine. One bid was received from Ty Thompson in the amount of $6,500. Council voted to accept this bid.

Following an executive session council adjourned. A reception was hosted for retiring Councilwoman Becky Blackburn. Her service was greatly appreciated.

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