Fish featured artist at the library

Lusk -The oft-heard quote, “Those who can’t do teach” is definitely not accurate for Roxanne Fish. As the Artist of the Month in March at the Niobrara County Library Ms. Fish’s exhibit demonstrates just how off the mark this quote is in her case. Her exhibition of vibrant watercolors featuring both domestic and exotic animals is appealing to both young and old. While speaking with Fish, her passion for both art as an artist and art as a teacher were very evident. Roxanne was introduced to the art world as a child. Her father’s side of the family is filled with photographers, poets, writers, and painters.  She was introduced and encouraged to produce all types of art and developed a passion for it at a very young age. As far back as she can remember, her favorite medium has always been drawing. In college, as her education and experience expanded she turned to oil and acrylic painting, and now it is mostly using really bright and colorful watercolors.

When asked what she is most proud of as an artist she refers to her family and states, “I love that I have passed on my passion for art to my children.  My best days are spent laying on the floor on a Sunday afternoon creating art and memories with my boys.”

Her passion for art became a passion for teaching when she realized that of all the teachers she had growing up, she remembers the names of every art teacher she had. The art room was her happy place and she wanted to create that same happy place for others. According to her students, Fish has managed to exceed this hope. For the last 19 years Fish has been the K-12 art teacher for the Niobrara County schools and students, both current and former, have many fond memories of her class. Walking into a classroom of her students you gain a sense of joy and concentration that embodies Fish’s own pleasure in her craft. Her students have regularly placed at the WHSAA State High School Art Symposium and she has a knack for helping students overcome self-consciousness about their skills to find fun and satisfaction in their own work. Fish also volunteers in the community, teaching painting classes for Cloverbuds and sponsoring Art in the Park for over ten years. She often donates her time as a face painter for non-profits and fundraisers.

When asked about goals or projects for the future Fish states, “I have lots of ideas for the future.  The common goal is just to keep creating.” She mostly does commission work. Some of the pieces that are exhibited this month are for sale or she can create something similar to a client’s specifications. She has done artwork for local businesses. You can find her manning her booth, “Fishy Finds” at the Annual Homemaker Christmas Bazaar in Lusk every year. She sells created jewelry, signs and paintings. Much of her join comes from creating things for other people to enjoy.



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