“Getting to know you, …”

 This is the first installment of a series of articles written in the hope of making this friendly community even closer by interviews of the teaching staff in all levels of education. Two new teachers have been brought on board this year. The first to accept a request for an interview is Celine Hall, the new music instructor. 

She is a native of Wyoming having grown up in a rural area by Powell, in a family that also included two brothers. Her mother considered it important to have early piano lessons, which Celine pursued for two years. Her mother insisted it was necessary to have that level of music instruction so she could play anything later on including percussion.

When she had the opportunity to start band, she began on trumpet, playing her grandfather’s instrument, and was able to purchase her own in her sophomore year. She graduated from the University of Wyoming with a Degree in Music and has fond memories of playing in the “Western Thunder,” the marching band of UW. Her main instrument now is the trumpet and also plays French Horn, with a basic knowledge of all instruments. 

With an interest in other musical activities, Miss Hall sang in high school and college choirs and also participated in musicals. She hopes to build the music program in the Lusk Schools. One option for student participation in band is the use of school owned instruments, which would make it possible without the investment of buying an instrument.  The list of school-owned instruments includes flutes, clarinets, saxophones, trombones, trumpets, French Horn, baritone, tuba and several percussion (kettle drums, bass drum, bells, snare drums, cymbals, chimes, gong, etc.). Band is required for the students in fifth and sixth grades and there are enough instruments for all of them.

She plans to develop a pep band and hopes to interest some students in playing the very important low brass parts (baritone, trombone). Miss Hall, a very outgoing young lady, has found the community to be welcoming and friendly and looks forward to pep rallys and concerts with the youth in our school.


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