Inmates give back

LUSK – In March of this year, inmates at the Wyoming Women’s Center hosted a fundraiser and decided the beneficiary of this fundraiser should be HelpMate.  

The ladies were allowed to order products that they don’t normally get on commissary, with the stipulation they make a charitable donation to the fundraiser. 

The inmates agreed the HelpMate program based in Lusk would receive the entire amount raised. The total amount of the donation was $1,339.88.  

In addition to the money, inmates donated 50 pairs of new socks. While a clean pair of socks might not seem like much to some, many of those who seek HelpMate’s assistance are fleeing from volatile or dangerous situations and come with little other than the clothes on their back. And when those clothes are pajamas from an altercation at night, socks and shoes are the last thing on anyone’s mind.

Sabrina Kruse, Director of HelpMate stated, “These are wonderful and we so appreciate the funds. This is going to be a huge help for our victim assistance program.”

HelpMate assists victims in a variety of situations, including domestic violence and sexual assault. Assistance is available through the group’s Lusk office as well as from volunteer advocates reachable by phone when the office is closed.


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