Junior class gives audience laughs and lessons

LUSK – Don’t ever let anyone else writing the ending to your story. This was the message given those who attended the 2021 Junior Class play at Niobrara County High School. The one act play, “Happily Ever After” by George Halitzka was presented in a poignant and clever way to provide audiences with laughs and a thought-provoking conclusion. 

This year’s junior class play was directed by Norma Langston and produced and staged by Amy Hollon. The students rehearsed before school to learn lines and help with building the sets.

Originally intended for a cast of twelve, creative re-writing and staging allowed the script to be reduced to the eight that were present for casting. 

A much maligned wolf, multiple generations of Red Hoods (Lily Krueger and Larkin Williams), an aging Cinderella (that’s Princess Ostentatia to you-played by Jazmine Ladwig) and her daughter Clarisse (Shanelle Pavone) with servant in tow (Jericho Hendricks) and the not so ugly stepsister Helga (Evelyn DesEnfents) along with the man himself, Grimm, all comprised the fun twist on the fairy tale ending of happily ever after. These characters all convene to ensure that the next generation of fairy tale characters receive their “happily ever after” by petitioning, cajoling, bribing and whining their way into the good graces of Jacob Grimm (played with panache by Dayne Lamp). 

Hijinks ensued when conflict arose between Gregory Wolf (son of none other than the Big Bad one himself and played by Miles Ashurst) and other fairy tale characters cross paths. Ultimately, resulting in a scuffle with giants in which the wolf redeems himself and his family by saving none other than Red Riding Hood’s daughter Sarah (and a rather bratty one).

Ultimately, while some characters think they got what they wanted by having someone else write the ending to their story, the best kind  is the one you “write yourself, and make it a good one,” as Grimm states to the wolf. 

The cast did a wonderful job interpreting their character, projecting and even rolling with it when props weren’t in their anticipated places. While the play was not long, it was a wonderful evening of entertainment for those in attendance.


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