Lights of Love tree blooms with donations

LUSK – Some towns locate their Lights of Love tree indoors but Lusk folks like to drive by as they cruise the holiday décor, knowing they have made a difference with their remembrances. The community bazaar held over the first weekend in December gave many the opportunity to participate. The newly relocated Lights of Love tree is currently located below the patio outside the Niobrara Hospital dining hall so extended care residents and staff inside can enjoy them as well as those driving by.

Not previously listed last week are:

Lusk residents Bristol and Reagan Cardwell, who selected a purple and a red light to remember their dad, Tom Cardwell, also chose two gold lights in memory of their uncle, Bud Reed. Terry and Elaine Griffith chose four gold lights in memory of their parents, Walt and Alice Berry and Sas and Darlene Griffith, and Diane Leimser and Oren Griffith. Nancy Pullis selected a purple light in memory of Harold Harsy. Donna Gunn chose a red light in memory of her husband, Dale Gunn, a blue light in memory of her daughter, Linda Kaser, and six green lights in memory of her six brothers. Claudia Swanson selected a blue light for Irma Wasserburger a red light and a green light for Bertie Jones, and a blue light for Dolores Mitchell and another blue for Claudetta Tollman. Stan and Claudette Swanson chose a gold light and a blue light in memory of Al and Diane Swanson and another set of gold and blue lights in memory of Charles and Lucille Hulbert. Deb Metz requested a gold light to shine “in memory of my little girl, Maggie” and another gold light “in loving memory of Pat Irvin.” Connie Krejci, of Lance Creek, chose a gold light to remember Natalie Ruth Mosier. Lori Lyons of Lusk, chose a red light in memory of her Dad, Jeff Workman. Anita Troudt chose a red light to honor the memory of her husband, Gary Troudt, a green light for brother, Tom Mason and a blue light for Doris Zulnoski.

Terri Oliver Osbourne and Jeanie Oliver would like “to buy a gold light in memory of their dad, Len Oliver.” Terri wished also “to buy a green light in memory of her friend, Susan Baribeau.” Randi Sue Davis asked to add two gold lights to the tree, “in loving memory of our parents, Tessie Townsend and Earl Townsend from their children, Wanda Reece, Stan Townsend and Randi Sue Davis.” They thanked the Hospital Auxiliary for providing this opportunity to honor their parents.

Randi Ross said she wished to choose “a gold light to honor Jesus, the Reason for the Season, a purple light to honor the staff at Niobrara Community Hospital, a blue light to honor Law Enforcement, a red light in memory of my husband, Rodney, and a green light to honor the Military and Veterans.” An anonymous donor requested a purple light to shine in memory of John Bruch. The supporters of the special tree cannot be ever thanked enough, as the lengthy list of funded projects is truly amazing.  

JoAnn Greenough requested two green lights (“Cork’s” favorite color) in memory of her husband, Corky, and grandson Tucker. A couple of anonymous gifts were received. Two gold lights are honoring the EMT Ambulance Service and Firemen with a “Thanks for always being there!”  Pat Smith chose two gold lights and five red lights for the special tree.  Ron and Sandra Smith chose a gold light “in honor of our Healthcare workers at Niobrara Community Hospital and Niobrara Rural Health Clinic, and three more gold lights in memory of John Lohr, in memory of Jack Smith and in memory of Garland and Helen Moore.”

A generous gift for lights of all colors was received with the following letter: Dear Friends, At this time of year, Pier Funeral Home traditionally makes a donation in memory of the lives that have been lost in our community during the past year. This year we would like to help your organization, as you do so much for our community hospital. Please accept this gift with our heartfelt thanks for all you do. The following list accompanied the letter: Lester Wilson, June Lee, Ronald Halligan, Donald Whiteaker, Wayne Beghtol, Loretta Wilkison, Merle Oehlert, Eldon Alexander, Phillip Brewster, Janet Richardson, Stanley Aamodt, Dean Newcomb, Winifred Bryant, Mildred ‘Rae’ Broyles, Tom Sakala, Eldon Frye, Ronald Allen, Florence Potter, Harold Potter, Jackie ’Jack’ Dobbs, Gloria Johnson, Hayden Hester, Edgar Boner, Gale ‘Dean’ Pischel, Elizabeth Allen, Paul Parmely, Robert ‘Bud’ Owens, Ralph Kay Hammond, Douglas Geyer, Verna Hawley, Iris Baughn, Dorothy Joan ‘Jo’ Reilly, Dolores Mitchell, Claudetta Tollman, James ‘Jim’ Shepperson, Paul Soderberg, Lucille Shoults, Diana McGrew, John Bruch and Percy ‘Bud’ Reed. The letter was signed “In Friendship and Gratitude-“


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