Linda Furnish brings tacos and more to Lusk’s lunch hour

LUSK – On weekdays between 12-2 p.m., vehicles fill the once vacant lot outside the old Rough and Refined building off of Main Street in Lusk. 

Three weeks ago, Lusk resident Linda Furnish parked her food truck here to serve lunch and dinner from 11 a.m. until 6 p.m. Wednesday through Saturday. She’s had the trailer for a year and has been serving guests ever since.

She came to town and set up picnic tables in this spot for one reason: to serve tacos. 

“I was hungry and everybody else was hungry, too, for something different,” she said.

Also, Furnish lives on a remote ranch outside of Lusk, so she said the operation allows her to connect with customers.

“There’s not a whole lot of people out at the ranch,” she said. “Being here, I get to serve our community, which definitely fills a void in my heart.”

Furnish and her staff bring a different cuisine to Lusk. Most importantly, she serves “clean” food based on her own diet. She doesn’t eat gluten, dairy or eggs. While the food she serves, like tacos or quesadillas, may inevitably have these ingredients, she cooks for customers the way she’d want a restaurant to cook her food.

To suit her own taste and customers’ sweet tooth, she has dairy-free ice cream, too.

“Good clean food is important to me,” Furnish said. “ So everything in there is fresh and I use grass fed beef. Everybody’s eating healthy, but they don’t know they’re eating healthy.”

Furnish said she wants to diversify the types of food she serves, eventually adding breakfast options, but the small size of her trailer limits her primarily to tacos and Philly cheesesteaks. 

She cooks outside on a barbeque grill. 

“I’ll probably expand as I get more comfortable with everything, get this all running perfectly and smoothly,” Furnish said. “We’re trying our hardest to serve the best food that we possibly can.”


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