Local artist creates ornament for state

LUSK – First Lady Jenny Gordon, wanted a Christmas bulb painted to represent each county in Wyoming. They were to be painted by each county’s local artist and Carla Stroh was asked to represent Niobrara County. 

After some considerable thought and asking various people for their input of what might represent Niobrara County, it was decided a painting of the Hat Creek Stage Station in winter just might do it. Joanne Wade had numerous reference photos to work from. The challenge was not only painting small, but also on a curved surface.

The bulb itself is about the size of a soft ball. Carla did everything she could to keep it from rolling off of the table surface and shattering on the floor. She could only paint one part at a time, let it dry, and then turn it to paint a bit more of the scene. The smallest brushes were used. 

After it was finished, she painted glitter paint on the bottom to help represent snow and included the title Hat Creek Station Niobrara County. These bulbs will be in on display in the Residence in Cheyenne. 

Jenny Gordon wrote a very nice thank you note and praised Carla’s talent and skill. She also said the Hat Creek Station was on her list of ‘must sees’.


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