Mural will welcome visitors to downtown Lusk

LUSK – As the wall-size “canvas” made its way down the highway the Wyoming wind was noticeably absent on June 27. For that Lisa Norman, the transport driver and Lusk ROCS were very grateful. Monday welcomed the installation of the much anticipated large-scale mural by Norman on the North side of the downtown Lusk ROCS park on Main Street. the mural was painted off-site by Norman after her selection as the featured artist this past spring. Her piece, “Welcome to Lusk” is a “postage stamp” of a cowboy on horseback with obvious markers of the breaks in the background. It was the largest piece that Norman, who is based out of Buffalo but is a former Niobrara County resident, has ever painted off sight. 

The mural was transported on custom scaffolding mounted on a flat-bed trailer. It was maneuvered into place using a hoist and scaffolding. A two-day process was required to ensure the mural was properly placed and finished.It will be mounted on a custom framing attached to the building to the north side of the lot.

The art installation was paid for by grants acquired through the Lusk Revitalize our Community Spirit (ROCS) a group of businesses and business owners. The park where the mural will reside is located on the east side of the 200 block of main street and includes landscaping, picnic tables, outdoor musical instruments and seasonal decorations. 

In addition to the mural Lusk ROCS has also promoted “Light up Mainstreet” with old fashioned strung lights outside businesses as well as solar lamp posts to promote businesses up and down the entire stretch of Main Street. They sponsor several community activities including the chili cook-off, downtown Christmas tree lighting and parade and other events throughout the year. A community calendar can be found in the Allbrights True Value window with events and activities highlighted. Next time you are walking on Main, take some time to stop and admire this amazing piece of art work.


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