Welcome to the circus


LUSK – Although the Niobrara County Fair officially started last Friday, the parade, held Tuesday made it feel as though the circus was officially in town. Acrobats, jesters, carnival rides, clowns, dogs and tigers on on bicycles and much more were all seen as 4-H Club floats made their way up main street. 

Local candidates for political office made an appearance with each of the candidates for Sheriff, house and senate candidates and our incumbent clerk, clerk of court, treasurer, assessor and county commissioners.

Several local car aficionados drove classic models in the parade and the Wyoming Cowboy Hall of Fame had a horse drawn wagon driven by Justin Kremers and outrider Riki Kremers.

The Fairgrounds Foundation, PEO, and emergency services were all represented as well.

As kids and adults alike picked up peanuts, popsicles, candy, water and animal crackers, they smiled and waved. There is something about a good parade that brings out the kid one everyone, just like the circus.

See you at the fair.

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